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Canadian Flag banner. King's badge
1940 - 1952
Photo-01 of  MWO Leo Zinck.
Master Warrant Officer
C Pro C Queen's badge
1952 - 1968
Canadian Flag banner
Canadian Flag banner

Photo-02 of MWO Leo Zinck. spacer. Sergeant-Major (MWO) Leo Zinck was a career soldier/Military Policeman who had earned the respect of all who knew him, regqardless of rank or status. Serving his Country for 35 years, including deployment with Canada's NATO Force in Germany in the early sixties. Leo also served with the Canadian Forces Special Investigations Unit (SIU) in the position of Detachment Commander at CFB Gagetown. He was one of the select few to train with the American Forces Military Police and was also one of the most highly trained Military Policeman in the Canadian Provost Corps/CF Military Police, if not the highest. His expertise as an investigator was second to none.

Leo was active in the Canadian Provost Corps Association in his retirement, regularly attending gatherings with the local C Pro C Association in the Halifax area.

Sadly; Leo passed away in Halifax, NS on the 01 June 2023. We Will Remember Him!
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