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Canadian Provost Corps Virtual Association
- Previous Guest Book Entries Continued-
( Dec 2017 - Jan 2012 )
Date: Sunday 31st of December 2017, 10:42:36, ADT
Name: Cliff Beler
Number: 493
Wishing all old friends and colleaques a very Happy New year.

Date: Friday 22nd of December 2017, 8:17:56, ADT
Name: Earl J. Forestell
Number: 492
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all former members of the Canadian Provost Corps and current serving members of the Military Police. I wish everyone good health and happiness in the New Year 2018.
Date: Thursday 21st of December 2017, 16:36:27, ADT
Name: Doug Clements
Number: 491
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, to all old comrades and those still serving. Let's remember all those that have gone to the Great DB this past year. Rest well old friends you have done your duty.dA610
Date: Thursday 21st of December 2017, 13:30:23, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 490
I would like to wish all members of the C Pro C and it successors a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2018. Damn does time sure fly bye.
Date: Tuesday 19th of December 2017, 17:52:27, ADT
Name: Frank Collins
Number: 489
Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all members of the Association, and all serving members of the Law Enforcement family, especially those deployed during this Holiday Season.
Date: Tuesday 19th of December 2017, 8:54:29, ADT
Name: Larry Pace
Number: 488
Merry Christmas everyone and have a happy and healthy New Year
Date: Sunday 17th of December 2017, 18:18:44, ADT
Name: L/Cpl Roy Zurowski
Number: 487
Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year in 2018. I am still hanging in there and enjoy reading the comments of those who served with me in 2 Provost Platoon, Petawawa Detachment, Hemer Detachment, 4 Wing Baden Sentry Dog Section, and Shilo Detachment. A lot of good memories there! If you want to call it's (587) 800-5877 or my cell at (403) 921-5111.
Date: Sunday 17th of December 2017, 17:50:04, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 486
Spoke with Sam Moses yeaterday. Had his knee operated on and sounds pretty chipper.
Date: Sunday 17th of December 2017, 11:43:30, ADT
Name: Ernie Robichaud
Number: 485
Hi wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and a happy New Year time is sure going bye we just became great grandparents of a 11 lbs 9 oz boy and both are doing fine
Date: Tuesday 12th of December 2017, 19:01:08, ADT
Name: Walt (Rocky) Lane
Number: 484
Wishing all my old friends and acquaintances a Merry Christmas and a bountiful New Year full of good things, like good health, good relationships and good friendships with old pals. And of course a little money to do some travelling. Keep well and think of your old buddies often. Best Wishes and Love to all.
Date: Friday 8th of December 2017, 21:34:00, ADT
Name: Sam Moses
Number: 483
Wishing all old Provost and their families a very Merry Xmas and all the best in the New Year. A little early as I'm going in for knee replacement on the 11th and I may not be feeling so merry for a few days.
Date: Saturday 11th of November 2017, 18:58:56, ADT
Name: L/cpl Nick Edmonds
Number: 482
I Served with CPROC 1961-1964 and ended up at 1 Pro Pl Sarcee Barracks. If Frank Novak reads this yes I remember you and Pam and congrats to you both. I left the Corps and serve with St Thomas Police for 13 years and in the Police Pipe Band. I still play music if any of the guys still remembers and still have my old guitar which Joni Mitchell played in the Depression Coffee House in Calgary. Still have great memories of the Corps and 1 Platoon.
Date: Tuesday 7th of November 2017, 14:39:16, ADT
Name: Walt (Rocky) Lane
Number: 481
Hi All: Just popped in to say hello to Mel and the users of this website and wish all of you nothing but the best. Every time I come on here and see familiar names it takes me back to when I was in the C Pro C and served with some of you for 23 years.Such pleasant memories I have of my time in the Corps. Keep well, Rocky
Date: Friday 3rd of November 2017, 20:41:45, ADT
Name: William (Jack) Bouchard
Number: 480
Hi All I am checking to see if any of the fella,s I did my group 1 course with at Camp Borden in summer of 1967 Group No. 6703?
Date: Friday 13th of October 2017, 15:33:49, ADT
Name: Roy Gordon
Number: 479
Blair Ryza, Don McAdie, and Freddie Kirst are you out there? If so, would very much like to hear from you. Red (no longer red)
Date: Saturday 9th of September 2017, 4:51:27, ADT
Name: Robert E (Bob) Long (L/Cpl - unpaid)
Number: 478
Can anyone advise me on the source for the purchase of a C Pro C Regimental Corps tie? Much obliged and cheers.
Date: Sunday 23rd of July 2017, 10:57:38, ADT
Name: Larry Pace
Number: 477
I haven't seen any email notification of the death of Don Holden but just in case members didn't see it on FB Thunderbird Site, Don passed away in Calgary on Jul 6, 2017
Date: Monday 10th of July 2017, 9:52:49, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 476
Hey Clare, great to hear from you. Stay in touch. =925-1384.
Date: Sunday 25th of June 2017, 20:52:54, ADT
Name: Sam Moses
Number: 475
Just saw the name Clare Painter on this site. Served with Clare in Hemer. (not yesterday). If you read this note. If you read this note Clare my phone number is (902)742 5649 give me a call.
Date: Sunday 25th of June 2017, 14:55:43, ADT
Name: Clare Painter
Number: 474
Just a short note to let old friends of the Corps know that I am still above ground, and still like the odd beer. My last posting was Chwk, I served in Toronto,Borden, Hemer and Cyprus. Joined the Harbour Police on release,served 6 months, then joined the Delta Mun Police, served 27 years, retired as a S/Sgt in 98. Like to say hi to S Bernecker, W Kolodziechuk, Rex Jenkins and all the wonderful members of the Corps I had the pleasure serving with. Thanks to Art Luard for letting me know about this site.
Date: Friday 23rd of June 2017, 14:15:46, ADT
Name: Walter Kolodziechuk
Number: 473
That number belongs to a Member from Ontario.Prior to Unification when Regimental Numbers were changed to SIN numbers. Don't know his name.
Date: Monday 8th of May 2017, 4:24:00, ADT
Name: Jeremy
Number: 472
Hey, found a footlocker/trunk with a Provost Corps logo on it and a number stamped that says SD-193629 Was wondering if there was anyway to figure out who it may have belonged too if it belonged to an individual. if you have any answers, thanks!
Date: Friday 14th of April 2017, 21:35:17, ADT
Name: Emma
Number: 471
Trying to find out more about my Grandfather Rene J. Desjardins - served during WW2 and would have still been in active service in 1951? Anyone remember him? Thank you!
Date: Saturday 8th of April 2017, 15:06:38, ADT
Name: Chris Low
Number: 470
Greeting, I have noticed that both Sgt (Harry)HA Labrash and Sgt (Bob) RS Wigmore are missing from the obituaries.
Date: Friday 17th of March 2017, 9:25:46, ADT
Name: Ronald Pelletier
Number: 469
Happy St Patrick's Day to all the "young" Provost on this site.
Date: Thursday 9th of March 2017, 7:56:18, ADT
Name: Earl J. Forestell
Number: 468
Wally Hanson had been in touch with Mel requesting my phone number as he was anxious to converse with Greg Stevens. Wally and Greg served together in Germany. The information was provided. Greg Stevens contacted me and advised that Stan Drauz wanted to talk with me. I contacted Stan last evening and many memories were shared as we worked together at the Military Police Detachment in Fort Churchill, Manitoba. Stan, Greg and myself were the best of pals back then. I worked with Wally in Edmonton and Ottawa. Those were fun days!
Date: Sunday 5th of March 2017, 20:44:23, ADT
Name: Earl J. Forestell
Number: 467
So nice to hear from my buddy from the past, Gregory Stevens. We served together in the Military Police Detachment, Fort Churchill, Manitoba. Always good to talk with old friends! We are all looking forward to Spring now so we can put the snow blowers away!
Date: Friday 24th of February 2017, 22:10:39, ADT
Name: Sylvain
Number: 466
Good day, I'm looking for information in regards of my grandfather who fought during WW2 with the Provost Corps. His name is Sylvio Lalonde, he passed away in 1989 I believe. The information that I'm looking for is basically where he was during WW2. I'm hoping someone out there knows of him and can hopefully help me with my research.
Date: Monday 13th of February 2017, 13:19:49, ADT
Name: R.J. (Bob) Smith
Number: 465
Hi Guys, Still looking for info on a Provost/MP who was apparently killed on duty in 1941 while attempting to apprehend an AWOL soldier in Bouctouche, NB. Do any of you know anymore about this incident? Regards,
Bob Smith. E Mail:
Date: Monday 13th of February 2017, 13:14:59, ADT
Name: R.J. (Bob) Smith
Number: 464
Hi Guys, Thanks to Dave Gibson and Larry Pace for your info re: the late L/Cpl Hartman. Larry" I'll PM you a possible source for your Provost tie.
Regards, Bob Smith.
Date: Thursday 5th of January 2017, 14:50:42, ADT
Name: Roy Zurowski
Number: 463
Best wishes for a prosperous New Year. Finally retired and still hanging in at 72 years old. just reading the older entries and remembering the old days of 2 Provost Platoon in Petawawa. My current email address is roy.zurowski @
Date: Saturday 24th of December 2016, 16:53:51, ADT
Name: Earl J. Forestell
Number: 462
Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Healthy New Year to All former Members of the Canadian Provost Corps. May the New Year 2017 be your best ever!
Date: Saturday 24th of December 2016, 11:10:14, ADT
Name: Larry Pace
Number: 461
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone. Don't worry Dave, I'll come bail you out if necessary
Date: Friday 23rd of December 2016, 19:44:52, ADT
Name: Mike Mulvihill
Number: 460
A very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all the old PROVOST.
Date: Friday 23rd of Dec
ember 2016, 18:12:16, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 459
It is that time of year again and I want to wish all members of the Corps and their families.a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017
Date: Thursday 22nd of December 2016, 22:29:04, ADT
Name: Frank Collins
Number: 458
A Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year to one and all.
Date: Thursday 22nd of December 2016, 13:24:46, ADT
Name: W.J. (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 457
To all my old Provost colleagues and members of the C Pro C, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year. Lets remember all those members of Emergency Services, Servicemen, Service Women, Police Officers, Medics and Fire Fighters serving in Canada and in Dangerous Places of the World on behalf of Canadians, and say a Prayer that the Good Lord keeps them all safe from harm.
Date: Thursday 22nd of December 2016, 12:06:26, ADT
Name: Cliff Beler
Number: 456
Wishing all a very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year
Date: Wednesday 21st of December 2016, 15:54:17, ADT
Name: D.L.E.(Dave) Gibson
Number: 455
A very Merry Christmas to one and all! May Peace, prosperity and good health be yours in the New Year. Stay out of jail!!
Date: Wednesday 21st of December 2016, 15:07:45, ADT
Name: Rocky Lane
Number: 454
Merry Christmas to all the old Provost and wishing you all the best in 2017.
Date: Monday 19th of December 2016, 15:56:23, ADT
Name: Mike Fournier
Number: 453
WO Jack Templeton (retired} has passed on to the big DB in the sky. His obit is in the Saturday Citizen Dec 17 2016 . I worked with Jack on a couple of postings . I did not have much contact with Jack in the last ten years or so.I always liked him.
Date: Wednesday 14th of December 2016, 21:01:32, ADT
Name: Doug Clements
Number: 452
Merry Christmas to all members and all my old comrades, I hope you enjoy the holidays. I was also wondering is there anyone out there who was in basic training with me. Please have them contact me, thanks.
Date: Sunday 11th of December 2016, 16:27:57, ADT
Name: Sam Moses
Number: 451
Wishing all a Merry Xmas and all the best in the New Year.
Sam and Karen
Date: Sunday 11th of December 2016, 12:44:25, ADT
Name: André Georges
Number: 450
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Provost, I had many friends in Québec Cityi and Camp Valcartier before my last posting at C.Pro.C. school Borden.
Date: Sunday 4th of December 2016, 21:20:49, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 449
For Larry Pace. Several years ago Mel Pitman out webmaster made arrangements to get C Pro C licence plates from I believe a local (NS) source. Touch base with Mel and see if the places may still be available. I also recall that someone out West had a source for plates.
Regards Terry
Date: Sunday 4th of December 2016, 20:43:49, ADT
Name: Dave Gibson
Number: 448
Larry, you're absolutely correct, it was indeed John Horseman, ah, old age, bloody lovely!!!
Date: Sunday 4th of December 2016, 10:07:18, ADT
Name: Larry Pace
Number: 447
Terry where does one get a C Pro C lic plate, Tks
Date: Saturday 3rd of December 2016, 13:28:09, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 446
It is a small world. Several days ago I was dumping some garbage at our local landfill in Morinville, when I saw a guy looking at the front of my truck. He the asked me if I had been in the Provost Corps as he had seen my C Pro C licence plate. Discovered that he was Howard Henderson the son of the late Ssgt Jim "Puff Puff" Henderson and he was living in the local area. I last served with Jim Henderson at CFB Baden in 1970. Jim had been one of the first Provost to be posted to the Base. I will invite Howard to our next MP gathering.
Date: Thursday 1st of December 2016, 20:25:47, ADT
Name: Colton Sundmark
Number: 445
I sent an email to this website but I don't know if anyone got it. I wanted to see if it was possible if anyone could dig up any information on a former member of the corps (My grandfather). I've searched everywhere and I can't find anything.
Date: Tuesday 29th of November 2016, 20:41:06, ADT
Name: Francis Robinson
Number: 444
Larry Pace, Just looked and have 2, never worn
Francis Robinson
Date: Tuesday 29th of November 2016, 10:46:00, ADT
Name: Larry Pace
Number: 443
Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a C Pro C necktie. I have been trying to find one for years and am not having any luck. Thanks
Date: Saturday 12th of November 2016, 19:38:42, ADT
Name: Larry Pace
Number: 442
To answer Al Hollingsworth's question; Ed Prebinski is retired in PEI. He is on Facebook
Date: Friday 11th of November 2016, 22:50:51, ADT
Name: Larry Pace
Number: 441
Hi Dave. Was reading your entry to Bob Re: entry number 439. Hartman's jeep partner that survived the accident was LCpl John Horseman. Worked with him in Borden.
Date: Thursday 27th of October 2016, 22:27:45, ADT
Name: David Gibson
Number: 440
It is with sadness that I report Ernest Parent passed away on 13 October 2016. He was a Guards RP who transferred to the Corps in Petawawa. for those who wish to leave a condolence there is a obit thru Linklater funeral home, Kincardin, ON.
Date: Thursday 27th of October 2016, 22:17:34, ADT
Name: David Gibson
Number: 439
Bob, regarding your inquiry of 26 Sep 2016, entry 432, L/Cpl Hartman died as the result of a jeep roll over during summer exercise at Camp Gagetown. He was accompanied at the time by a L/Cpl Hosegrove who survived the accident. At the time of the incident as I recall, Hartman was a relatively newly married man. Lest We Forget!
Best Regards Dave
Date: Thursday 27th of October 2016, 21:11:02, ADT
Name: Francis Robinson
Number: 438
The cap badge was R.C.M.P. as well as the shoulder flashes were Royal Canadian Mounted Police Likely served in Italy also His reg,t # is a file number to obtain his service record from the archives in Ottawa. Hope this helps Francis Robinson
Date: Wednesday 26th of October 2016, 11:29:55, ADT
Name: Alan Macdonald
Number: 437
My Great Grandfather's son, John Stephen was RCMP Provost Corp 39-42 Regt. # 8535. Doing research for my tree. What cap badge would they have worn overseas 39-42? Thanx in advance,
Date: Monday 24th of October 2016, 18:32:04, ADT
Name: Al Hollingsworth
Number: 436
Do you know a former member named Edward Prebinski?
Date: Sunday 23rd of October 2016, 17:46:18, ADT
Name: R.J. (Bob) Smith
Number: 435
Hi Guys, Last week I received some new information about another fallen MP. This info came from a retired MP. This MP was apparently killed on duty in 1941 while attempting to apprehend an AWOL soldier in Bouctouche, NB. Do any of you know anymore about this incident. Regards,
Bob Smith.
E Mail:
Date: Monday 17th of October 2016, 18:29:25, ADT
Name: Joe Sanderson
Number: 434
I was a member of what I believe was the final C Pro C Canadian Officers Training Corps at Borden in 1966. Just wondering if any of my fellow cadets from this group check the message board. I would be happy to hear from any who do. My email is
Date: Wednesday 12th of October 2016, 2:07:24, ADT
Name: Ben Villeneuve
Number: 433
There i was looking thru the photo of the Edmonton 2016 gathering and saw a Murray Darou who I worked with in Calgary and the reading the names there he was Duke Aulenbach who I worked with in Edmonton and also at sears selling mens suites sure brings back the memories and so nice to see.
Date: Monday 26th of September 2016, 19:19:42, ADT
Name: Robert (Bob) Smith
Number: 432
Hi Guys, Just wondering if any of you would have any recollections of MPs or C Pro C who died on duty. So far I have names of a Cpl Kencil Milton, Wainwright era 1960 and L/Cpl Hartman, Gagetown era 1965. I'm trying to confirm they were killed on duty and if yes perhaps their names could be put on the Cdn Police Memorial wall In Ottawa. We already have 3 MPs on the wall now. Regards,
R.J. (Bob) Smith
Retired SIUS Toronto.
Date: Wednesday 14th of September 2016, 16:36:57, ADT
Name: Ronald Pelletier
Number: 431
I was just informed by Marcel Lebel of the passing of Robert (Bob) De La Durantaye on sept 11, 2016 at the age of 80 Ceci est pour t’informer que Robert (BOB) De La Durantaye est décédé le 11 Sept à l’âge de 80 ans,,his service will be held on sept 16, 2016 at 14hoo at the Coopérative Funéraire 95 Bl Cité des Jeunes Gatineau Hull Qc,,
Date: Saturday 10th of September 2016, 10:47:12, ADT
Name: Stephanie (Smith) Hewitt
Number: 430
It saddens our family to inform you of the passing of my father CWO (Ret'd) John G Smith. Visitation is on Sept 23 at Kelly Funeral Home, 580 Eagleson Rd, Kanata (Ottawa) and a celebration of his life will take place on Saturday September 24 at 11:00 am at Bells Corners United Church, Old Richmond Rd, Nepean (Ottawa). His obit is available on the Kelly Funeral Home website.
Eula, Stephanie and Andra Smith
Date: Saturday 6th of August 2016, 18:30:03, ADT
Name: Francis Robinson
Number: 429
The discharge document will state positively whether he served in the C. Pro. C. He may have been attached to the C. Pro.C. from another unit, such as the Medical Corps Hope this helps
Date: Thursday 4th of August 2016, 2:00:28, ADT
Name: K. Wasylenchuk
Number: 428
Looking for information on no. 22 (43) Cdn Provost Corp. based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Also any information on Reg't Hygiene Section T.C.H.Q. #122, C.I.B.T.C, Prince Albert, SK - May 1944. The picture for the Hygiene Section reads T. Dinwoodie C.S.M. And A. Bull, Sgt. I have a picture of my father in the Hygiene Section, but his discharge papers and all that I was ever told was that he served in Ptovost.
Date: Sunday 24th of July 2016, 12:53:26, ADT
Name: Margo Charlton
Number: 427
I am looking for a lost relative. If any one knows where I can find Cpl Alan James McDonald also known as Mac, who was married to a lady by the name of Ruth and had 2 children Ian and Marilyn. He was in Wainwright in the early 1960's. I believe he retired in the Winnipeg area. could u please reply by email to
Date: Thursday 14th of July 2016, 22:55:36, ADT
Name: Hodgson John E.
Number: 426
It is my sad duty to inform all you guys that Joe Kinch former Warrant Officer with C Pro C now retired.Passed away a week ago. A memorial service will be held At Branch 49 RCL on the 23 of July at the Parksville Legion Vancouver Island. For more info please address me at
Date: Tuesday 21st of June 2016, 15:55:21, ADT
Name: Roderick MacIntosh
Number: 425
Can anyone tell me if these two old friends are still alive, well and with a known address? Jim Kidd transferred from RCASC sometime in the early '60s; I saw him last in Germany in '64. Roger Turner was attached to 2 RHC from 1961-65. If they read this, please contact me at: Thanks Rod
Date: Saturday 28th of May 2016, 22:49:48, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 424
For those who may have known Pat Upshall, wife of Sgt Gerry Upshall, she passed away on 27 May 2016 in Saskatoon. Gerry and Pat were stationed at Camp Borden. CFB Europe, CFB Shilo. After retirement Gerry worked for SGI in Saskatchewan. He passed away about ten years ago.
Date: Wednesday 25th of May 2016, 21:13:18, ADT
Name: Sam Moses
Number: 423
I'm sad to hear of the passing of Bob as I to served with Bob at the Hemer Detachment. I would like to inform all who may of known Paul DOBSON (MP) that he passed away 26 May 16. I served with Major Dobson SIU Halifax.. His Body is resting at Sweeneys Funeral Home in Yarmouth. Funeral will be 28 May 16.
Date: Tuesday 24th of May 2016, 22:40:11, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 422
The following was posted by Jim Fairall, son of Bob Fairall., on Social Media. I served with Bob at Hemer Detachment, Germany in the late 60s. May he Rest In Peace. "I regret to inform everyone that my Dad passed away today, He was surrounded by family at Tillsonburg hospital, I know my dad has been an important friend to all of you and we all know how generous he was and how many people he helped, So please take a moment alone and just think about my dad please. "Even if we are occupied with important things and even if we attain honor or fall into misfortune, still let us remember how good it once was here, when we were all together, united by a good and a kind feeling which made us perhaps better than we are."
Date: Saturday 23rd of April 2016, 16:36:07, ADT
Name: Cathy (Coughlin) Lewick
Number: 421
It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that William (Bill) J. Gray, formerly of Victoria, BC passed away on November 9, 2015. There will be a memorial service on May 7th, 2016 at the Army and Navy Club in Brandon, MB at 1 pm. He will be buried in Swan River, MB. at a later date. We would like to ask anyone that knew Bill if they could share a story about him. Also, if anyone knows of his service in the RCMP and/or Provost Corp. please share your knowledge of this. thank you.
Date: Monday 11th of April 2016, 17:25:35, ADT
Name: Jane
Number: 420
Hi. I recently found a photo of my grandfather labelled "D" Platoon A32 C. Pro. C.T.C. Part 1 Link - 7 Aug. - 28 Sept. 44: Camp Borden. Does anyone know anything about this unit? I would love some information!
Date: Saturday 9th of April 2016, 22:22:26, ADT
Name: Frank Collins
Number: 419
It is with heavy heart that I pass on the sad news of the sudden passing of CWO retired Ed Hawkes. He passed suddenly at 3:45 PM on 6 April 2016 in Edmonton, Alberta. He fought a courageous battle with cancer. There is no formal service planned by the family at Eds request. He leaves his loving wife Jean Anne, his son Edwin and son Rick. He was a credit to our country, the uniform he wore and to the Military Police Branch where he served with distinction. I and his many friends will miss him greatly.
Date: Saturday 26th of March 2016, 14:49:00, ADT
Name: Angela Jackson
Number: 418
I am the Co-ordinator of a Nature Reserve project located on the site of a the 1st Canadian Detention Barracks in Headley Down, Hampshire, UK, known as the Erie Camp, during WWII from 1941 onwards.. The project includes a commemorative tribute relating to the history of the camp, together with information boards. If anyone can help with photos, documents or memories of the camp, maybe personnel from the Canadian Provost Corp or others who spent time as 'guests' there, it would be much appreciated. Please contact me through this site or email - Thanks
Date: Monday 21st of March 2016, 11:35:22, ADT
Name: Sam Moses
Number: 417
I need info. I keep getting e mails titled important info from Delbert Blakney .I can't seem to block these e mails. The e mail that they come from is msawdon Maybe others are getting the same emails. Any info on this would be great
Date: Thursday 25th of February 2016, 14:22:27, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 416
This week has not been kind to the Hunter and Blakney families,and members of the retired and serving members of the MP community. We lost two of the finest ever to wear the MP armband, Derek Hunter and Dell Blakney. As their souls winged their way to that big guardhouse in heaven, we say thanks for all that you did while here on earth and know that you will meet up with others in a better place. We also offer our sincere condolences to the Hunter and Blakney families on your loss
Date: Wednesday 24th of February 2016, 18:00:21, ADT
Name: Frank Collins
Number: 415
I am saddened to report the passing of our colleague Del Blakeney. Del was a proud Patricia and an equally proud member of the CPROC and CFMP. We are all the worse for his passing. RIP Del.
Date: Tuesday 23rd of February 2016, 12:00:19, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 414
Was very saddened to hear of the passing of our Colleague Derek Hunter. I served with Derek for a short while in Kingston, Ontario. A great person and an example to us all. Rest In Peace, good friend.
Date: Saturday 9th of January 2016, 18:05:33, ADT
Name: Margo Charlton
Number: 413
Hello and I am writing from Calgary AB............I found this picture on your website under Prairie Command Provost Company – 1958 while searching for relative Alan James McDonald, (aka AJ or Mac) could you please tell me if there is any way or anyone I could contact in regard to going about how to find him if he is still alive. Or if this could even be passed on to him by someone who may still be in contact with him. He was married to a lady by the name of Ruth although later divorced, and they had 2 children, Ian and Marilyn. I believe he lives or did live in the Winnipeg area. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!
Mrs. Margo Charlton, 403-201-9902
Date: Friday 1st of January 2016, 2:52:26, ADT
Name: Jim Crossley
Number: 412
Happy New Year to all Provosts. I had many friends and mentors during my Service. Most are gone now. My time was from 1953 to 1960. That was a long time ago, so now starting my 80th year on this amazing planet, of which I call home, I can only dream of my past and my comrades. I was of course in Borden, Shilo, and rode an old Harley Motorcycle to New Brunswick to open up a new Camp. Can you guess the name. Later went to Germany and spent two plus years there. Returned and served at the Chilliwack Provost Detachment with the Corps of Engineers. It is all gone now. Except for the memories. Best wishes to those of you who still remember.
Date: Wednesday 30th of December 2015, 14:10:13, ADT
Name: Linda Tresham
Number: 411
Always a pleasure to visit your website Mel. You've truly done an amazing job in collecting and maintaining a very important visual and information archive of the CProC. A true treasure of a website. I would like to wish everyone a healthy and Happy New Year. All the best in 2016. Cheers!
Date: Monday 28th of December 2015, 0:51:22, ADT
Name: Larry Pace
Number: 410
Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all former members of the Canadian Provost Corps and the CAFMP
Date: Sunday 27th of December 2015, 19:32:27, ADT
Name: Earl J Forestell
Number: 409
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all past members of the Canadian Provost Corps have good health and prosperity in the coming year. Best Season's Greeting's Earl J. Forestell
Date: Saturday 26th of December 2015, 11:38:29, ADT
Name: Walt (Rocky) Lane
Number: 408
Merry Christmas to all my old CProC friends and co=workers and all my good wishes to one and all for good health and happiness in the New Year.
Date: Friday 25th of December 2015, 21:33:51, ADT
Name: Frank Collins
Number: 407
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.
Date: Thursday 24th of December 2015, 16:55:45, ADT
Name: William Bouchard
Number: 406
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all former and serving Military Police take care and be safe.
Date: Thursday 24th of December 2015, 12:41:07, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 405
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all who served with the Corps and later with the Security Branch. Take carer and be safe.
Date: Wednesday 23rd of December 2015, 12:41:19, ADT
Name: Jim Rogers
Number: 404
First of all I want to thank the webmaster for providing us with this great website. THANK YOU. I served three good years (1960 to 1963) with the Provost Corps. . Every time I check this site I recognize names of people I served with. It brings back memories of the good times we all shared. I just hope life has been as good for as it has been for me. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.
Jim Rogers
Date: Friday 18th of December 2015, 21:45:55, ADT
Name: Sam Moses
Number: 403
Wishing all a Merry Xmas and a very happy New Year from my family to yours.
Date: Wednesday 16th of December 2015, 22:09:54, ADT
Name: Doug Clements
Number: 402
To all my old C Pro C comrades and friends, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR from my family to yours.
Date: Saturday 5th of December 2015, 11:35:50, ADT
Name: André Georges
Number: 401
Remember the late 50 in Québec City, Camp Valcartier and Camp Borden C.Pro.C school. I wish you all and family a joyous holiday season. Que l"amour, la paix et la joie soient avec vous et votre famille. André Georges
Date: Monday 23rd of November 2015, 3:56:45, ADT
Name: Pete Smee
Number: 400
Greetings: I am researching the folk on our local church War memorials and am trying to Contact Sgt Joe Hart? Could you ask him to email me at
Date: Wednesday 18th of November 2015, 2:39:48, ADT
Name: M.A. (Andy) Rousseau
Number: 399
Hi, I was checking the website and saw the photo of the 2 Provost Platoon on parade at Petawawa in 1962. It's too bad that there are only two names mentioned. I was a member of 2 Provost Platoon in 1962. I remember some of the other names like...Sgt Fournier, Hendrix, Robichaud, Jenkins, Thomas, Athans, Baskerville, Midgley, Henderson, Thistlewaite, Howart, Newstead, Jodoin, Boucher. Those names come to mind right now.I wonder where they might be now. It was nice thinking about the olden days. This is a great website. Take care one and all. I left the Army at the end of January 1964 and joined the O.P.P. on 03 Feb. 1964. I retired from the O.P.P. at the end of June 1994. Sgt. F. Barton was my platoon Sgt. at the C-Pro-C School in Borden in 1961-62 or so.
Date: Monday 9th of November 2015, 10:05:20, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 398
Attended the re-dedication ceremony of the Canadian Provost Corps Cairn at the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy in Borden on 6 November 2015. The Ceremony was very well done. I was given the Honor of laying the Wreath on behalf of the Canadian Army. Met a number of old Veterans and also a number of new Military Police Members. I want to say that our proud traditions were aptly recognized and are in the good hands of those young Military Policemen and Policewomen that will carry on those traditions. For those who are interested I am told that photographs will be posted on the MP Academy Web. Also I have posted photographs of the Cairn on my Facebook Page. Discipline By Example is still a fashionable Motto and trait.
Date: Wednesday 2nd of September 2015, 21:10:18, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 397
Good Day friends. My new E Mail address is
Date: Wednesday 2nd of September 2015, 18:05:24, ADT
Name: Doug Clements
Number: 396
Just wanted all to know that on July22/2015 we lost Major Desormeaux to cancer. I served as his driver in SOEST Germany. He was a great officer and was involved in his civilian life with JUDO, that he love.
Date: Monday 24th of August 2015, 15:17:45, ADT
Name: Ronald Pelletier
Number: 395
Just wanted to inform some of you who may have known MWO Mervin Jones who passed away. A ceremony was held in Valcartier Village last Saturday august 22,2015. Merv joined the Canadian Army RCA in 1941 and volunteered with the newly formed Canadian Airborne Rigiment and was parachuted in France D Day june 6th 1944, , Merv transfered to the C Pro C in 1945, served also in Korea and Cyprus. There were many Vétérans and Regular Forces personnel who attended the service. Also present from the Base Valcartier MP Detachment were Capt Trudelle and MWO Durand,,and 2 Golden Oldies were myself and Doug Seward.
Date: Saturday 25th of July 2015, 16:00:50, ADT
Name: Rick Allen
Number: 394
Is there any former members of the CPC School Bugle Band that could give some background on the band as well as any photos of the band? I'm currently doing a project that will eventually become a book on The History of Canadian Military Trumpet and Bugle Bands. Any assistance from former CPC members is much appreciated. Thank you
Rick Allen
Date: Saturday 4th of July 2015, 21:35:16, ADT
Name: Corporal Jim Crossley
Number: 393
Jim Crossley here, served from 1953 to 1960. Germany in 1955 to 1957. Posted to Soest and Hemer. Last Posting was to Chilliwack BC, School of Engineering. Wondering if any of my old friends are still about.
Date: Tuesday 16th of June 2015, 18:48:32, ADT
Name: Sam Moses
Number: 392
How time flies. Just this morning while looking at things collected I came across a Silver Jubilee Medallion . Now Otto you tell us that its been 50 years. So I went and dug out the large photo of UNEF personnel 1963-64. We all looked younger back then. WOW. As Otto I to wish all C Pro C all the best and hope all are in good health. For those who may be having problems keep your chin up.
Date: Monday 15th of June 2015, 21:59:16, ADT
Name: Otto Boyko
Number: 391
Greeting to all members of the Canadian Provost Corps. 15 Jun marks the 75th anniversary of our Corps. Hope you are all well and in good health.
Date: Sunday 31st of May 2015, 11:44:06, ADT
Name: Robert Randall
Number: 390
My father C PRO C Sgt. Robert (Bob) F RANDALL passed away on May 21 2015 suddenly in Medicine Hat AB.
Date: Monday 11th of May 2015, 10:16:19, ADT
Name: Donald Mackey
Number: 389
Hi Mel; I have just been advised that I am to be awarded the Order Of Manitoba effective 9 Jul 15,for my 17 years of promoting Sgt Tommy Prince MM, metis veterans and For community activities. It is the highest honor that Manitoba can bestow on a citizen.
Date: Wednesday 6th of May 2015, 16:41:24, ADT
Name: Sam Moses
Number: 388
Spent many hours with Burckhard. Sorry to hear of his passing. He could"nt play darts very good but was a very good "Scat" player. Nice to see Terry that you still keep informed. That was many years ago.
Date: Saturday 25th of April 2015, 3:37:35, ADT
Name: Doug Clements
Number: 387
Just a note to all members I just learned that Dave Brant passed away Jan 13/2015. I Served with Dave in Germanyat Soest.
Date: Friday 24th of April 2015, 19:41:41, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 386
I received a notice yesterday that Burckhard Reise had passed away on 12 April 2015. Anyone who served with 4 Pro Platoon and specifically Hemer Detachment would have know Burckhard as one of the German interpreters there. No cause of death was given.
Date: Friday 10th of April 2015, 18:10:10, ADT
Name: Larry MacDonald
Number: 385
Where is Al Basso these days.
Date: Tuesday 31st of March 2015, 9:47:48, ADT
Name: James Gauthier
Number: 384
Hi! I served as RP in Cyprus 88-89 with LDSH. I worked for Al Basso at the time plus many other MP's. I have a few photos of that period and would like to upload them. I don't see on this site where to submit them? Can anyone help? Regards,
Date: Thursday 26th of March 2015, 15:28:37, ADT
Name: W.J. (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 383
Anyone wishing to send Bob a get well wish could send it via his son James.
Date: Thursday 26th of March 2015, 12:07:24, ADT
Name: W.J. (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 382
Good Day, Friends. Apologies for being AWOL. Heard that Bob Fairall is in Tilsonburg Hospital. Many will remember him. Sam, he was with us at Hemer Detachment. Heard from Derek Hunter's other half. He is still struggling a bit but hanging in. Time does footprint along.
Date: Wednesday 25th of February 2015, 17:12:06, ADT
Name: Ronald Pelletier
Number: 381
Anyone have a contact phone # or email for Mom Lebelle,,,,Thanks,,,
Date: Monday 2nd of February 2015, 23:34:37, ADT
Name: Ron Leslie
Number: 380
MP 811 Aug/69 to Ma/81 TQ3 7001. Postings: Val d'Or, Uplands (Ottawa), Kamloops and Portage la Prairie. 33 years with Mb Corrections. Retired May, 2014. Back working a term position in Dauphin, MB
Date: Sunday 25th of January 2015, 11:45:45, ADT
Name: Sam Moses
Number: 379
Hello anyone out there ???. Had a good holiday and all is well. Had a good long chat with Lue Cluett for those who remember him Ex C Pro C back in the 60-70"s left to become Chief of police in Pembroke. He just went through a triple By-Pass and is doing well(a few of us know we have hearts) anyway it was good to touch base with him after so many years. We serve in Petawawa in early 70"s. So lets hear from all that are still around ( last entry was last year ).It the only news I get down here.
Date: Tuesday 30th of December 2014, 0:43:58, ADT
Name: Dell Blakney
Number: 378
I am up too late for my age correction, Dec 30th Big G George Elliott turns 80. Happy 80th Birthday.
Date: Tuesday 30th of December 2014, 0:40:25, ADT
Name: Dell Blakney
Number: 377
Jan 30th George Elliott turns 80. Happy Birthday George.
Date: Tuesday 30th of December 2014, 0:37:44, ADT
Name: Dell Blakney
Number: 376
Merry Christmas to all and to All A Happy and Healthy New Year.
Date: Sunday 28th of December 2014, 14:25:34, ADT
Name: Doug Clements
Number: 375
To all my old C PRO C buddies and all new members, of the Military Police. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Date: Thursday 25th of December 2014, 10:43:46, ADT
Name: Fred Campbell
Number: 374
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of the C Pro C Members still with us and lets not forget those Buddies that passed on this year.
Date: Wednesday 24th of December 2014, 18:01:05, ADT
Name: Jack Bouchard
Number: 373
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all retired and serving MP,s be safe over the Holidays
Date: Monday 22nd of December 2014, 23:10:40, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 372
Wishing all former members of the Corps and their relatives, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Date: Monday 22nd of December 2014, 10:19:32, ADT
Name: Frank Collins
Number: 371
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
Date: Friday 12th of December 2014, 17:39:49, ADT
Name: Andre George
Number: 370
Wishing all my friends and comradesof Quebec and Valcartier Detachment during 1958 - 61 a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Date: Wednesday 10th of December 2014, 15:48:36, ADT
Name: Doug clements
Number: 369
To all my old and new friends and Comrades - MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR
Date: Tuesday 9th of December 2014, 14:22:39, ADT
Name: Sam Moses
Number: 368
Wishing all a very merry Xmas and a happy new year from me and the misses
Date: Monday 8th of December 2014, 23:05:03, ADT
Name: Sarah Yeomans
Number: 367
Hi there, I've been researching my family tree and found that my great grandfather, James Duncan Noble served with the provost corps and was a POW at stalag8B. Just wondering if anyone has info about him or even remembers him? (If anyone remembers Mr Noble please advise the Web Master who will relate the info to Ms Yoemans.)
Date: Tuesday 25th of November 2014, 3:33:24, ADT
Name: Keith Davies
Number: 366
I served in the Canadian Armed Forces 1968 Provost Corp to 1973 Military Police and was honourable released April 1973 with rank of Cpl ,to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police which I served from April 1973 to 2012.August looking to make contact with any of my Course mates from 6813 boot camp Cornwallis or 6901 CFSI Borden ONT.
Date: Tuesday 11th of November 2014, 13:49:44, ADT
Name: Glen McGregor
Number: 365
Hi, I'm a reporter with the Ottawa Citizen. I'm trying to find any information I can about Pte. Henry Rohloff, who was in the Canadian Provost Corp. and died in 1945 in the UK. Is there someone there who might have a corp directory that could give us some more information? It's a bit urgent so anyone who sees this and can help, please call me at 613-235-6685. Thanks,
Date: Tuesday 2nd of September 2014, 8:01:09, ADT
Name: WG Macx MacNichol
Number: 364
I would like to thank all the organizers of the recent Military Police Reunion, held in Summerside, PEI, for the tremendous job of putting the program together. No one will ever know the number of hours of their valuable free time it took to ensure all went well. The 75th Anniversary next year will be something we all can celebrate in our own small way should it not be possible to attend any major even which may be planned. I would like to thank those with which I had interesting conversations and enjoyed sharing the numerous items of memorabilia which were available. Thanks again.
Date: Tuesday 5th of August 2014, 21:21:31, ADT
Name: Vic Cromarty
Number: 363
I've moved and am now residing at 304-1220 Hugh Allen Drive, Kamloops, B.C. V1S 2B3. So give me a call at: (250) 571 - 2927. Cheers to all!
Date: Wednesday 30th of July 2014, 15:36:42, ADT
Name: Ernie Robichaud
Number: 362
Searching for Don Barrett we served in the Congo together last known address retired to civilian life in the 70s or early 80s in BC and was married and they both took in foster children if my memories are correct. Just wondering like to have a chat..F
Date: Saturday 19th of July 2014, 21:48:19, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 361
Good evening, all former Provost. Had a very enjoyable and pleasant visit with Sam Moses in Halifax last Monday. Had a few laughs about some of our experiences in the Corps. Along with the light hearted talk a sence of sadness to hear of those of our fellow Corps members who have passed on to their reward. Time does march on and mostly we don't realize it until we meet with old friends. Hope that all is good with you and remember, stay safe and keep it between the ditches when you are out and about.
Date: Monday 30th of June 2014, 14:54:30, ADT
Name: Frank Collins
Number: 360
Happy Canada Day to everyone. Be safe whatever you are doing.
Date: Sunday 22nd of June 2014, 10:32:32, ADT
Name: Dave Pearce
Number: 359
I was reading the obituaries and noticed that my fathers name had not been present. He was a sergeant in Toronto at Denisen Armouries for years and at Moss Park Armouries.He past in 1973. He loved it as I'm sure those who served did as well. I hope his name will be added too. Sgt. Charles William Pearce. (ww2 Veteren). Thank you.
Date: Sunday 15th of June 2014, 12:55:48, ADT
Name: Otto Boyko
Number: 358
C Pro C Birthday - 15 Jun 1940 - We are now 64 years old. Another year and we can start drawing our Old Age Security pension. Greetings to all former members. Otto
Date: Tuesday 10th of June 2014, 17:45:00, ADT
Name: Dell Blakney
Number: 357
"Summerside 2014"! Carl has asked those who plan to attend and who have not confirmed/made payment to do so as soon as possible. This is essential as part of the final planning and with close to 300 planning on being there you can imagine what a task it is to finalize plans. Thanking you in advance. Proudly serving on Carl's Committee
Date: Sunday 20th of April 2014, 13:41:50, ADT Name: Frank Collins Number: 356 Wishing a Happy and Safe Easter to all!
Date: Tuesday 4th of March 2014, 6:49:59, ADT
Name: Col Dick Bland RMP
Number: 355
I served at Camp Borden as the RMP Exchange Officer from 1967 to 1969 - two thoroughly enjoyable and professionally rewarding years. This entry is primarily to thank any of those reading this who served with me at CFSIS for making me so welcome at a time when the challenges of unification made life 'testing', especially the 'Old Brigade'., proud of the C Pro C's actions in WW2 and later, Korea. Many names now escape me, but I spent a happy summer (poison ivy excepted) working with Sgt Joe Beer, running all the field training for the annual ROTP (?) muster; I believe he died some years ago - but could be wrong. Doug Martin was the OC, Howard Mansfield, who died earlier this year, his 2i/c. School Commandant at the time was Lt Col Bob Luker, with WO1 May BEM CD, his RSM. Happy Days ! I returned to Canada in 1992 and visited Borden, bringing back so many good memories, then on to Ottawa, where my ex-CFIS friends gave me a great time, rolling back the years. My best wishes to all of you.
Dick Bland
Date: Saturday 1st of March 2014, 18:36:07, ADT
Name: Larry Pace
Number: 354
It's very enjoyable reading all the posts by everyone, some of them such as Preben Eriksen, Don Thibeault, etc, that I haven't seen or heard of since the 60's. For those former workmates from back in those days, I stayed in for 31 years retiring as a WO at SIU Halifax. Hope to see some of you in Summerside in Aug 2014
Date: Tuesday 11th of February 2014, 11:56:48, ADT
Name: Ernie Robichaud
Number: 353
Joe check with C Corkum he maybe able help you contact Charlie Douglas sometime ago Colin contacted Charlie and we spoke to him in Calgary and he stated the same that he missed all the old guys. Good luck, see you in Summerside. Reunion
Date: Monday 10th of February 2014, 23:07:09, ADT
Name: David Weatherley
Number: 352
Ex #8 Coy C Pro C (M) in Vancouver '57-'61. Anyone from those days still around?
Date: Saturday 1st of February 2014, 19:56:02, ADT
Name: Joe Cripps
Number: 351
Does anyone ever hear from Charlie Douglas who lived in Calgary, Alberta, he was with me in CFB Borden in the 70's, would love to hear from him.
Joe Cripps
Date: Wednesday 29th of January 2014, 0:09:18, ADT
Name: Larry MacDonald
Number: 350
It was a shock to hear of Rex Jenkins passing. I recall his time as a resident of Fort Beausejour while at Hemer Detachment in the late 60s. We served in Egypt in 74 plus CFB Toronto in the early 80s. It was my belief he had moved to the Peterborough Ontario area to be close to family. He personified MATD (Meticulous Attention to Detail).
Date: Sunday 26th of January 2014, 19:50:35, ADT
Name: Roy Zurowski
Number: 349
Just a note to say hello to all my old friends from the corps. Like a Timex, I just keep on ticking away. 69 now and slowing down. I hope you all had a great Christmas and wish you the very best in this New Year. E-mail:
Date: Friday 17th of January 2014, 12:27:06, ADT
Name: Sam Moses
Number: 348
It seems that every time I come on site I see old friends that have passed away Rex and I were in SOEST together in the 60s. Rick and I were in Shearwater in the 70s. Both were younger then I. Guess I"ve been lucky over the years and able to keep healthy, a few parts removed and a few replaced. Just like a Timex still ticken. Nice to see Pete Palmer has surfed I believed we were on Gp 2 together.
Date: Thursday 16th of January 2014, 11:46:06, ADT
Name: Hans Vles
Number: 347
I am searching family of Sgt. A.J. Ross L-22350 who died April 12th 1959. Het had a portrait photo made in Amsterdam in 1945. I would like to find a member of his family. Please e-mail Middelburg, Holland.
Date: Monday 13th of January 2014, 18:38:22, ADT
Name: Ex LCpl Pete PALMER
Number: 346
Just wanted to pass on to everyone that knew (Ret) WO W.D. Rex Jenkins, passed away on the 14 Sept 2013, Rex retired as a Warrant Officer from the MP School in Borden many years ago (80's). he was employed after reirement with Transport Canada as a Dangerous Goods Inspector. Rex and I served in Cyprus together in Sep 70. We kept in contact all those years, however 2 yrs ago he has some medical problems and was admitted to a Retirement home in London, Ontario, and fell off the grid. Did not know of his passing until this past Friday 10 Jan 2014. He will be missed but not forgotten. RIP my friend.
Date: Tuesday 7th of January 2014, 22:06:21, ADT
Name: Taylor Cyril G.
Number: 345
Best wishes to all,, I was talking to Graham Farquarson yesterday and he sends his best to everyoneas well
Date: Tuesday 7th of January 2014, 20:56:20, ADT
Name: Web Master
Number: 344
Would the lady who made a query about Cpl Norm DUNS, former member of No.1 Provost Company (RCMP) WWII contact me through this web site as I have lost your e-mail address.
Date: Tuesday 31st of December 2013, 17:03:17, ADT
Name: Graham Brooks
Number: 343
Best of Wishes for 2014 Ladies and Gentlemen, I am presently looking for any information on a relative who was at Camp Borden. Harvey Brooks (Born 1928) the son of Thomas Albert Brooks (WW 1 Vet) was born in Canada, moved to England with his mother and sister and moved back to Canada around 1949. I am looking for any information about him if possible ? Thank you for your help, Graham Brooks.
Date: Monday 30th of December 2013, 18:27:19, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 342
Hey Terry. I remember Burckhart Reise well with many fond memories. I get a great chuckle remembering him and Sgt Pete Alexander ribbing each other.
Date: Sunday 29th of December 2013, 12:51:25, ADT
Name: Mike Mulvihill
Number: 341
I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. I wish all Provost, and Security Branch people, a very Happy and Prosperous 2014. Mike Mulvihill 1741 - 95 class
Date: Saturday 28th of December 2013, 1:38:36, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 340
Just a bit of trivia news. Yesterday I received a email from Burckhart Reise, an interpreter who served with 4 Pro Pl and specifically with Hemer Detachment from 1956 to 1970. I have always corresponded with him at Xmas with a card and a short letter but this is the first for him by email. He was using his grand-daughter's laptop but it was a far cry from his old typewriter that he has had forever. He is well and passes on his regards to anyone who served at Hemer or in the many schemes, Sennelager and Saultau where he was one of the interpreters.
Date: Wednesday 25th of December 2013, 1:29:59, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 339
I want to wish all those C Pro C folks out there the very best of the holiday season and hope that each of you and your families are well. As well as remembering those who are still with us, please say a prayer for those who are now serving at the big DB and their families. The Roberts clan are well. My second daughter Michelle and her husband are currently serving with the Cdn High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya having gone there from Beirut this past July. Take care everyone.
Date: Tuesday 24th of December 2013, 17:01:26, ADT
Name: Joe Hart
Number: 338
To all ex members and serving members of the C.Pro.C and MP. This is to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year. From a very old but still kicking ex C.Pro.C. Joe Hart.
Date: Tuesday 24th of December 2013, 10:58:28, ADT
Name: Andre George
Number: 337
Merry Christmas ans Happy New Year to all comrades Provost. Joyeux Noel et Bonne et Heureuse Année a tous nos confrères Provost
André George
Date: Monday 23rd of December 2013, 21:35:47, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 336
Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year to all who served in the Canadian Provost Corps. Please remember those comrads who have gone on to a better place and also remember and pray that the good Lord keeps safe all those brave and committed members of the Canadian Forces who will be away from their families this Christmas while serving far from home and in dangerous places in the world. Merry Christmas.
Date: Sunday 22nd of December 2013, 1:21:14, ADT
Name: Jim Crossley
Number: 335
Just thinking back to the year 1954 Camp Borden Class of 34 Basic Training. We moved on to Shilo to complete the training. Back to Borden onto some motor cycle training then on to New Brunswick all the way on motorcycle. The old Harleys. We camped in tents and stayed in New Brunswick for a couple of months, and then on to Germany. Most of my old partners are gone. I am still here. I have not had contact with any of my old friends. But, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and God Bless all that served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Regards to all,
Cpl. Jim Crossley
Date: Thursday 19th of December 2013, 12:35:12, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 334
Just spoke with our good friend Sam Moses this morning. He is home and as chipper as ever.
Date: Sunday 15th of December 2013, 16:17:43, ADT
Name: Ernie Robichaud
Number: 333
Hi,with the festive season soon upon us like to wish all a very Merry XMas and Happy N Year, Bev / Ernie
Date: Thursday 12th of December 2013, 21:20:48, ADT
Name: Don Thibault
Number: 332
Greetings to all C pro C comrades. A very interesting website. Thanks to Mel. I have served in Base Borden Detachment, Quebec City Detachment, Base Val Cartier, and MP Section with all 3 Bat of R22eR. Felicitations pour un site bien organise, remerciement a Mel . Esperant revoir certain ex C Pro C .Mon adresse email ; My email address . I wonder if any one have contact with Pierre Raby, Special thought to Claude Bebitte Gauthier. Thank You!
Don Thibault
Date: Wednesday 11th of December 2013, 22:33:01, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 331
Our good friend Sam Moses is in the QE2 Infirmary at Halifax having under gone a tripple cardiac by-pass Tuesday. I spoke with him this evening and he is up and around and coming along as well as can be expected. I am sure that we all wish him the best for a speedy recovery.
Date: Tuesday 10th of December 2013, 15:08:35, ADT
Name: Joe Cripps
Number: 330
My new e-mail is, new phone no. is 902-861-0001. I see in one of my messages that I have the old e-mail address. Please change to above. Thank you. Joe.
Date: Tuesday 10th of December 2013, 15:03:48, ADT
Name: Joe Cripps
Number: 329
It is nice to see so many going to the Reunion in P.E.I in August of 2014. My wife Annetta and I will be there and hope I have my new hip by that time. I have been suffering for two years now, it does get one down at times. "A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my CProC friends and see you in P.E.I. in 2014, it is going to be a good year. Joe.
Date: Thursday 5th of December 2013, 0:16:27, ADT
Name: Tony Hopkins
Number: 328
have research interest in the SPIDER, the detention barracks at Borden. particular interest in interior layout/configuration of cells, offices, etc. Ditto detention barracks at Soest. Thanks,
Date: Wednesday 4th of December 2013, 14:38:15, ADT
Name: Ernie Robichaud
Number: 327
Hi Vic nice too hear your doing OK all is well here late checking Provost Net and with festive season soon upon us, Bev and I wish you a Merry Xmas, keep in touch.
Date: Thursday 28th of November 2013, 15:21:37, ADT
Name: George T
Number: 326
After viewing messages from members I realize my Provost Corps experience limited;however, would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers me. Jan.1955 joined Provost Corps (Militia) 6 Comp in my hometown Guelph,Ont. Received excellent training,motorcycles,military law,etc.Summer of 1955 trained at Camp Borden. May 1956 joined City Of London Police and continued my CPROC training until 1965. Militia training very useful during early years in Municipal policing.I 'm still in touch with several members from my Militia days.
Date: Tuesday 26th of November 2013, 18:07:33, ADT
Name: Hugh Andrew
Number: 325
A bit late; but, just to say that Brian Kent came for a month visit in Dec 12 to see what I have been up to. It was great to show him around the Andes Mountains and give him coca leaf to help him deal with the altitude sickness.
Date: Sunday 24th of November 2013, 18:11:46, ADT
Name: William Andrew DEAR
Number: 324
Christina Eileen (Cox) Kirk is looking for family members of her Uncle William A.(Billy) Dear. contact at
Date: Saturday 23rd of November 2013, 21:04:04, ADT
Name: WG Macx MacNichol
Number: 323
I recently stepped down as an Aide de Campe to the Lt. Gov. of New Brunswick after 16 plus years and 3 Lt. Governors. At that time I wondered how I was going to represent my military career at various tasks since 1965. Well after thinking about what task meant the most to me over all those years. I came to the conclusion the Canadian Provost Corps was the one which got me started and continues to be an influence on the tasks I do to this day. I realized I had made the right decision on 11 Nov. 2013 when I attended the Remembrance Day Event in the Village Dorchester, NB , dressed in the kit as follows: beret w/ C Pro C great embroidered Hat badge, blue blazer w/medals, white shirt, Corps Tie, grey slacks, black spit-shined shoes and black socks. I think I would have passed inspection by any of these guys Sgt Hart, Sgt Curry, Sgt Elliot or Sergeant-Major May. (Anyone remember them ha ha). Upon entry I was asked to read the names of the fallen during the ceremonies while waiting for things to start a number of military retirees and young former members working in other para-military organizations addressed me, commenting about me being "with those guys" and that hat badge was the only one of it's type in the crowd of about 150. By their comments, looks and getting me involved so quickly they make me feel like I did in 1965 when I was presented with the red lanyard. That day, time and feeling can never be bought and George Jones nor Jack Daniels can make it better than that. Because of what I just described I am looking forward to the 2014 Reunion with much more interest than I did 4 months ago. Life is good. Thanks to all who can relate to this scenario or even my have involved some where along the line.
Date: Wednesday 20th of November 2013, 14:04:03, ADT
Name: Karen Kuzek
Number: 322
I missed my email in my first post. You can send information to
Date: Wednesday 20th of November 2013, 14:02:07, ADT
Name: Karen Kuzek
Number: 321
I am looking for information on my father George Kuzek who served in the Provost Corps in England in World War 2. He served from January of 1942 to April of 1946. I have requested a copy of his service record from the Library Archives in Ottawa but any information anyone has is appreciated. He was from Theodore, Saskatchewan and returned there after being discharged from the Army.
Date: Thursday 14th of November 2013, 16:11:13, ADT
Name: Steve Murray-Ford
Number: 320
Greetings all MP/C PRO C comrades: A friend of mine is trying to track down any records, information etc on his late father, Francis (Frank) MAXIMICK who served with C PRO C during WW2 and later Vancouver PD. Any info would be greatly appreciated, can reply to me at Thanks,
Steve Murray-Ford (MP MWO retired)
Date: Tuesday 12th of November 2013, 21:24:08, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 319
Attended the Rememberance Day Ceremony at the MP Academy at Borden on 8 Nov 2013. A few retiree were there on Parade. Joe Hart. Bob Thomas was there in Battle Dress, Boots and Putties and White Web, Merv Parker in Air Force MP Uniform. There were three Sections of MPs from the Academy on Parade and it was very well done. I couldn't help wondering after seeing all those young MPs, were we ever that young? Where has the time gone? It was a great day to remember those that have given so much in Service for this Country. WE WILL REMEMBER THEM!
Date: Monday 11th of November 2013, 12:05:23, ADT
Name: Cpl[R] Preben Eriksen
Number: 318
A glorious and happy Remembrance Day to all and especially all the Canadian Provost Corps members who served and gave their lives for our freedom. God bless English Canada.
Date: Monday 11th of November 2013, 9:50:33, ADT
Name: David Poole
Number: 317
R.I.P. Henry A. Poole, my father, was a member of the Provost Corps in WWII in Sicily and France.
Date: Saturday 9th of November 2013, 1:01:45, ADT
Name: Jim Crossley
Number: 316
Reply to Vic Cromarty.
Hi Vic. All of us former C Pro C, would like to stay in touch. You did not give much information about your time served or where you were trained or posted. I myself was in Class #34 at Borden for Basic Training. Long time ago. That was in 1953, and later in Shilo. I was one of the very few PFC's to get a Group 111 Trade Badge. Most who got the Group 111, were Sergeants and up. My last Post was with the School Of Engineers in Chilliwack . Nice that you made a post on this web site. If you scroll through, you may see me mentioned on a motorcycle display photo op at Shilo. Most of my compadres are gone now but the memories are still there. Best to you,
Corporal Jim Crossley
Date: Saturday 2nd of November 2013, 17:01:36, ADT
Name: Vic Cromarty
Number: 315
I'm searching for any of my old friends from the C-Pro-C with whom I served. Tfhere are many of you out there so please get in touch. if you wish to throw your money away, give me a call at 1-250-374-8664.
Date: Tuesday 22nd of October 2013, 16:52:05, ADT
Name: Ron Pelletier
Number: 314
In 1966 the Valcartier Provost Detachment got 9 postings in,,,6 anglophones and 3 bilinguals,,,,they were D Wainwright, B Burke, P Erikson, L Meconse, L Pace, M MacNichol, J Lauzon, Yankee, and A Buisse,,,
Date: Saturday 28th of September 2013, 22:00:15, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 313
For all retired MP Types in the Borden area. A Remembrance Day Service at the Military Police Academy is being arranged for Friday, 8 November 2013, Stewart Square, CFMPA, CFB Borden. Should you be interested in attending contact Bob Thomas at 1-905-690-8603 or by email at Hope to see you there.
Date: Monday 23rd of September 2013, 23:30:10, ADT
Name: WG Macx MacNichol
Number: 312
To: George Elliot: The 47 years have gone by fast and have been good to me. I have been lucky to have an interesting life ending with a good wife, Jacqueline, two sons Clint and Matt with 2 grand daughters Lily and Claire. I still have the silver cup I was awarded for the "Most Improved" on the course. I still remember that course, I was a kid of 18 who had a rough time the first couple of weeks. My time with the C Pro C and all it offered served me well in my career as a Prison Guard for 25 years and retired as the Staff Training Office at Dorchester Penitentiary. I to have that congratulation photo. I hope all is well with you and yours.
Date: Monday 23rd of September 2013, 14:49:32, ADT
Name: Duncan MacIsaac
Number: 311
My father John Francis MacIsaac served during world war 2. I am pleased that this website exists to show the contributions of the members of the Provost Corp.
Date: Sunday 22nd of September 2013, 7:16:47, ADT
Name: George Elliott
Number: 310
Hello Macx. YES==It is I. 2 Provost Platoon and Junior NCO course==1966. Good Lord 47 years have passed. I have a photo of the Jnr NCO Crs and do indeed remember you. Best Regards!
George Elliott
Date: Saturday 21st of September 2013, 2:48:24, ADT
Name: Ken Snell
Number: 309
Looking for 13 C Pro C WPG. WO Fred White, Capt Joe Nimik, Sgt Al Bernard, Sgt R Jones, Cpl L Caron. Last contact was in early 1970's. Can contact me at
Date: Friday 20th of September 2013, 11:14:54, ADT
Name: WG Macx MacNichol
Number: 308
When I served in CFB Petawawa, 2 Provost Platoon, one of my Sgts was Sgt George Elliot, he also served as an instructor on my Junior NCO course with the Guards Battalion , 1965-66. Is number 225 the same George Elliot
WG Macx MacNichol
Date: Tuesday 17th of September 2013, 22:02:09, ADT
Name: WG Macx MacNichol
Number: 307
I can assure you I spent a lot of time at the Detachment in CFB Valcartier and some temporary shifts at the SDB front desk helping with paerwork. Your name is familiar but cannot put a face to it. I retired from CSC 8 years ago as the Staff Training Officer for Dorchester Penitentiary, Dorchester, NB. I worked with Cpl Jim Lemieux who retired as a WO1 from the SDB out west. Thanks for the information.
Private MacNichol
Date: Tuesday 17th of September 2013, 10:10:18, ADT
Name: F. B. Robinson
Number: 306
WG Macx MacNichol I obtained a C. Pro. C. badge on Ebay and a beret at an army surplus store Got the items for the same reason as you Have a good day, take care Francis Robinson
Date: Monday 16th of September 2013, 16:02:01, ADT
Name: P [Eric] Eriksen
Number: 305
Hi Macx:
It is strange that I do not remember you. In 1966 three of us from 1 Provost Platoon, Sarcee Barracks, Calgary, Alberta were sentence to Valcartier. We all were Canadians and did not speak French. In 1967 I volunteered for UN duties in Cyprus and after 6 months was returned to Valcartier. I later, 1969 went to NATO in Germany where both my sons were born. I got lucky and got to go back to CFB Borden in 1972. In 1974 I joined the Ontario Correctional Services where I served for 30 years. There are 2 sites I have had good luck with for military items, however I am not allowed to post URL's here. You may contact me at and I will provide you with the appropriate URLs for the 2 sites. Hope this is of assistance. Regards,
P Eric Eriksen
Date: Monday 16th of September 2013, 10:12:17, ADT
Name: WG Macx MacNichol
Number: 304
My contact email for my last entry is
Date: Monday 16th of September 2013, 10:10:30, ADT
Name: WG Macx MacNichol
Number: 303
I am a former member of the Canadian Provost Corp and was posted to 2 Provost Platoon at CFB Petawawa in 1965,served in CFB Valcartier 1966 through 1968, CFS Moisie 1969-May 1970 and Expo 67 Montreal. I am now retired for the Correctional Service of Canada. I would like to obtain a C Pro C Beret with badge size 7 3/4 to wear at ceremonies held in our local area. Can anyone give me a location where I can obtain such a clothing item? Thanks.
Date: Saturday 7th of September 2013, 13:50:30, ADT
Name: Cpl André Georges.CD
Number: 302
Félicitation pour le site, que de souvenir de la vie militaire et de revoir certaines figures connues. C.Pro.C de 1957 a 1965 je voudrais rejoindre l'association et partager avec les amis Provost. Merci
Date: Tuesday 3rd of September 2013, 11:18:27, ADT
Name: Joe Cripps
Number: 301
I have a new e-mail and new phone number 902-861-0001. It is nice to keep in touch with all the old Provo's.
Date: Monday 5th of August 2013, 19:18:45, ADT
Name: Don McMillan
Number: 300
Served in London, On from '68-'73. Trenton,On from '73-77 and Halifax until '78. I know Ike is in Halifax but haven't heard from anyone else just wondering who's still around?
Date: Monday 29th of July 2013, 12:51:10, ADT
Name: Joe Hart
Number: 299
I wish that I had known of the of the event at the Legion, I would certainly have attended.Joe Hart.
Date: Sunday 28th of July 2013, 9:19:56, ADT
Name: Francis Robinson
Number: 298
Cy Tayler; Hope memory serves me right in exact dates. Otto Boyko was in recruit class # 32 in Borden 1953 and the following year in Camp Shilo Graduated in class 51?? Hope this helps take care
Date: Tuesday 23rd of July 2013, 16:42:00, ADT
Name: Cy Taylor
Number: 297
Otto Boyko Were you one of those boys in 72 class ,, I was in 73 class and I sure would like to say Hello and all the best to you and yours.
C Taylor
Date: Wednesday 26th of June 2013, 14:50:53, ADT
Name: Joe Cripps
Number: 296
I understand Otto Boyko's friend in the Guards is trying to get in touch. My e-mail is and who may the Guard member be. I have been living in Fall River, Nova Scotia for 33 yrs. posted here from CFB Borden, Ont.
Date: Saturday 15th of June 2013, 22:14:21, ADT
Name: Dell Blakney
Number: 295
Passing of Don MaGee - Celebration of Life Today in Barrie the following attended the Barrie Legion to be with the family. Silva Redigonda, Mike Mulvihill, Joe Hubert, George Elliott and myself.
Date: Thursday 30th of May 2013, 10:57:46, ADT
Name: Robert Mercer
Number: 294
Hi guys I apparently gave the wrong phone number in my last message (big fingers) the number should be 519 250 0999. Sorry about that.
Date: Wednesday 29th of May 2013, 13:16:10, ADT
Name: Robert (bob Mercer
Number: 293
Hi my name is Bob mercer and I was a member of the CPROC from May 1960 to May 23 1966. I am looking to chat with members from my class of 77 who went through that time of life with me, also any of the guys that were with me at the Platoon in Gagetown 1961 62, 63. Jimmy Tryten John Moore Dereck hunter and others I can be contacted at or at home 519 259 0999. Thanks!
Date: Wednesday 29th of May 2013, 10:20:30, ADT
Name: Dell Blakney
Number: 292
Wally ... I have sent Derek an e mail to checkout your entry.
Date: Tuesday 28th of May 2013, 11:29:53, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 291
Message for Del Blakney - when you next see or contact Derek Hunter, please pass on my regards and best wishes to him. Has been a long time since we served together in Kingston.
Date: Saturday 4th of May 2013, 17:00:50, ADT
Name: Karen Barrill
Number: 290
My father Frank Barrill was in the C PRO C in the late 50s and 60s.He passed away January 29, 2010 and was always extremely proud of the time he spent as an MP and in the C PRO C. He served in Shilo, Camp Borden, CFB Chilliwack, Soest W. Germany and Kingston. 2 kids born in Brandon MB and 3 in Germany... we were totally military kids and forever connected to the C PRO C. My father was very proud of all of the medals he received as a result of the time he spent in the military. He also spent time in the UN peacekeeping missions in Cyprus and Egypt. Every day I am still able to look at the beautiful Egyptian ornaments he brought us from his tour in Egypt and in the last few years of his life he spent a lot of time talking about all the places he had travelled with the military. It was a great adventure he always remembered. Thank you for all of the photos and contributions to the memory of the C PRO C. I am very proud of everyone who served and represented Canada and partnering nations. If anyone knew my father and would like to catch up, my Mom (Yvonne) is living in Kingston ON and would like to catch up with former C PRO C members and families who would like to share memories. Please email me at
Date: Saturday 27th of April 2013, 16:09:06, ADT
Name: Ernie Robichaud
Number: 289
For former C Pro C who served at Petawawa detachment who new Bob Richie C Pro C and former member of Pemboke Police Dept passed away Jul 16/13.
Date: Friday 26th of April 2013, 10:44:22, ADT
Name: Anne Marie Plante
Number: 288
I'm the granddaughter of Sgt. Isidore Plante and would like to have any information whatsoever and/or stories pertaining to my grandfather and his service with the Provost Corps. He became paralysed 2 years before I was born and as such it was very difficult for him to speak. Any insight and/or photograph(s) would be greatly appreciated. I have only 2 photos of him in uniform and only a few more than that in civilian attire. Thanks in advance............I can be reached at
Date: Thursday 25th of April 2013, 11:03:47, ADT
Name: Dell Blakney
Number: 287
Otto send me an e mail and I will forward it to Joe Cripps.
Date: Saturday 20th of April 2013, 6:21:31, ADT
Name: Sian Russell
Number: 286
I am looking for info regarding a James Reginald Jonah who was serving in Canadian Pro-vost corps in 1942. His father was John Wilson Jonah and he married a Moyra Daphne Hutton in Watford England on 19th December 1942. I would be so grateful for any info where he lived, family details and whether he and Moyra lived in Canada or the UK. Thank you for your help.
Date: Friday 19th of April 2013, 3:10:37, ADT
Name: Jim Crossley
Number: 285
Member of C Pro C from 1953 to 1960. Basic at Borden, then Shilo, Number 1 Pro Company back to Borden. On to Germany 1955 to 1957. Soest, Iserlohn, Hemer. Posted to Chilliwack, under S/sgt Macwilliams. Got my Group 3 trades in Shilo around 1959. Also was on Provost Judo Team around 1954 and 1955 performed at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, two years, with Gus Hendrikson, Tiny Burnet, Tommy Crooks, and several other great team mates whoes names I can't recall at this time. That was a long time ago. I joined the Provost Corps just as the Korean War was ending. I was too young at age seventeen to be sent into a theatre of war, so ended up going to Germany after basic at Borden and Shilo. I still have fond memories of my service with the Canadian Provost Corps and most of all with the fine men who mentored me at that time when I was so young. Most of the guys that I was with in those years gone by are gone now, but I have many memories of the good times and of course the bad times. But let's say those were remarkable times. Wonder if anyone remembers me. Cheers to all.
Date: Thursday 18th of April 2013, 23:38:19, ADT
Name: Otto Boyko
Number: 284
Has anyone heard from Joe Cripps lately, or his location. His name came up in a conversation I had with a Guards member recently and he's interested to know where he may be.
Date: Friday 12th of April 2013, 12:27:48, ADT
Name: Ernie Robichaud
Number: 283
Happy 50th Anniversary to both of you, a bit late but all the best anyway, Bev and Ernie
Date: Thursday 11th of April 2013, 9:48:49, ADT
Name: Dell Blakney
Number: 282
Derek and Juanitas Hunter celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on April 10th, After many years of fighting health problems with Juanita by his side what a wonderful blessing this must be ...... wishing them Happy and Healthier times.
Date: Sunday 7th of April 2013, 15:43:47, ADT
Name: Ben Villeneuve
Number: 281
Sure would like to hear from old members I served with. Send me a message thanks to Jack Mullins good the address for this post and have been reading thru it. What a good job My email address is:
Date: Saturday 6th of April 2013, 7:24:09, ADT
Name: Russ Trudeau
Number: 280
Tracking Peter Wilson who was CProC at Shilo in late 60s.
Date: Sunday 31st of March 2013, 11:34:08, ADT
Name: Earl J. Forestell
Number: 279
Good evening Mel: Just wanted to wish you and all members of the C Pro C a very Happy Easter! Best regards.
Date: Saturday 30th of March 2013, 18:18:36, ADT
Name: Dell Blakney
Number: 278
Happy Easter to everyone out there in Provost/MP Memory Land. Good Health and Happy Easter
Date: Thursday 21st of March 2013, 18:50:12, ADT
Name: Alton N Frail
Number: 277
It is with great sadness that I announce that Alton passed away on the 14 Feb 2013..He was with the CProC from 1954 to 1966. Last stationed in Ottawa.
Date: Tuesday 12th of March 2013, 14:35:37, ADT
Name: Jules Knuyver
Number: 276
To Ivan Peters, Sorry to report but Blake Mitchell passed away a couple of years ago (Mississauga, Ontario).
Date: Thursday 7th of March 2013, 15:19:19, ADT
Name: Ivan Peters
Number: 275
Hello. I am ex 2 PPCLI later remustered to MP. I joined the forces in 1966 having done tours in Germany and Cyprus. During my posting to Germany, Sgt later Maj Tony Cannons was the Provost Sgt at Fort MacLeod. A man who you would not want to get on the wrong side of. I remember him well, not to go into detail. If you are out there Tony, Hello I am OK now LOL. Does anyone know a Blake Mitchell or a Bob Allen? I served with them in Cyprus.
Date: Tuesday 12th of February 2013, 14:56:08, ADT
Name: William (Jack) Bouchard
Number: 274
Hi All. Ike did your ever hear from Lcpl. Hartme Jorgisten we sevres with him in 2 Provost Platoon in Petawawa? Would also like tosay Hi to Mr. Cy Taylor an x member living here in SSM. Take care All
Date: Monday 4th of February 2013, 17:18:45, ADT
Name: Don Mahar
Number: 273
Yes; thank you very much Francis. That is the person I was referring to in my request of yesterday.
Date: Monday 4th of February 2013, 16:40:25, ADT
Name: Francis Robinson
Number: 272
Don Mahar, There is a person depicted in #1 Provost Coy in the 4th row , 3rd from the right J D F Morrison. This the person regarding your search? all for now. Regards!
Francis Robinson
Date: Saturday 2nd of February 2013, 18:29:16, ADT
Name: Don Mahar
Number: 271
I have thoroughly enjoyed the Canadian Provost Corps website...congratulations to those who manage it. This site is a wonderful educational medium showcasing both the history of the Canadian Provost Corps but Canadian history itself. I am currently conducting research for an upcoming book which features (but is not specifically about) a former member of the Canadian Provost Corps (RCMP) who joined the first group of 'recruits' in 1939. I would be grateful to receive information who may have known this person or of him. His name was James Douglas Finley Morrison and joined as a Private and left the Canadian Provost Corps after the war as a Captain. Any insights that I receive will be very helpful and most appreciated. He was born in Chatham, N.B., and returned to the RCMP following the war. He served the RCMP in Ottawa, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. I can be reached by e-mail at: . Thank you.
Don Mahar
Date: Saturday 26th of January 2013, 14:57:09, ADT
Name: Suzanne McIntosh, Lt(N)
Number: 270
Very interesting website, amazing history. Thank you!
Date: Saturday 5th of January 2013, 17:30:27, ADT
Name: Cyril Taylor
Number: 269
Frank WELLS Well my goodness,, I havnt heatd of you for about 50 years ,, It is great to hear that you are still around and about,, I was in 73 class ,, Take care and keep well,,,,
Date: Wednesday 2nd of January 2013, 5:49:52, ADT
Name: Bob Greene
Number: 268
Great to see so many Christmas messages from former colleagues. My hope is that we will all enjoy the new year. For Frank Wells in NL, I attended the MP reunion in Summerside this past summer. One of our former classmates from basic training, Bob Thomas also made the trip. My email is:
Date: Tuesday 1st of January 2013, 20:26:13, ADT
Name: Frank Wells
Number: 267
Happy New Year to all my former comrades and readers, good to see a few old names.
Date: Friday 28th of December 2012, 22:12:19, ADT
Name: Doug Clements
Number: 266
To all my old friends and former comrades.Merry Christmas and a happy new year, I am breaking in a new computer and will be offline for a short while.
Date: Friday 28th of December 2012, 21:07:57, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 265
For those of you in the Edmonton area who may wish to visit Harry and information to those of you who would have known or worked with Harry. I will keep you posted on any updates. It may surprise you that Harry is in the R.A. hospital. He has bronchittis, pnenoumia(?) and breathing issues. It has been in progress for awhile however caught up with him yesterday and this a.m. by 8:20 a.m. he was in a wheelchair at emger. The bottom line is he is in for 5 days, not sure that this includes today or starts tomorrow. He is on Stn 44 and if anyone wishes to visit, due to colds, etc don't rush as you could end up sick yourself, visiting hrs are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Hope everyone had a Merry festive season and enjoy the new year, hope its the start of bigger and better things to come.
Date: Saturday 22nd of December 2012, 22:31:57, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 264
I would like to wish everyone who may have been associated with the C Pro C a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013. Stay safe and look after your loved ones.
Date: Tuesday 18th of December 2012, 10:33:39, ADT
Name: Sam Moses
Number: 263
Wishing all a Merry Xmas and all the best in the New Year. From the Moses family.
Date: Monday 17th of December 2012, 12:59:55, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 262
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone from the Kolodziechuk Family.
Date: Thursday 13th of December 2012, 18:16:31, ADT
Name: Frank Collins
Number: 261
A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all members and readers.
Date: Wednesday 12th of December 2012, 17:31:41, ADT
Name: Dell Blakney
Number: 260
Merry Christmas to all and a Happy, Healthy New Year. God Bless!
Date: Tuesday 11th of December 2012, 13:15:07, ADT
Name: Preben [Eric] Eriksen
Number: 259
I wish to take this opportunity to wish all Canadian Provost Corps former members a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.
Date: Saturday 8th of December 2012, 20:23:50, ADT
Name: Walter (Wally) Kolodziechuk
Number: 258
Hey Guys. Haven't signed on for quite a while. This life as a Politician, (who would have thought it?) is far too hectic. Makes a quy wonder when he had time to go to work. Great to see many of the old names still around. Jim Rogers, long time since Gagetown.. Good to hear from you.
Date: Thursday 6th of December 2012, 15:19:35, ADT
Name: Ernie Robichaud
Number: 257
Bev and I would like to wish all a very merry Xmas and a happy New Year.
Date: Wednesday 14th of November 2012, 22:32:40, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 256
For Dave Tack: Dave; I spent two years in Calgary with your brother Enrie (as we called him) 1966-1968. I will contact you at your email address, Regrads
Date: Saturday 10th of November 2012, 22:30:49, ADT
Name: Dave Tack
Number: 255
I am looking for information on my brother Ernest William Tack. He served in Korea and returned as a member of the Provost Corp. He spent time in Borden at the Provost Corp school. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who could shed some light on his career. He spent time in Borden, Picton and Kingston with the Provosst Corp. Thanks very much.
Date: Saturday 3rd of November 2012, 17:46:18, ADT
Name: Al Frail
Number: 254
Hi, Me again . Still here in Warner Still have not heard from any of the old crew from 54 to 66. My email has changed . My address is still Box 421, Warner AB T0K 2L0 Phone #; 403-421-0316. Hope to hear from some of you soon., All the best,
Ex Cpl. Al Frail
Date: Saturday 3rd of November 2012, 14:39:38, ADT
Name: Jim Rogers
Number: 253
Message for Bob Peddle Yes we did serve together in Gagetown, Do you still have bacon and HAAGS for breakfas., LOL My e-mail address is t
Date: Wednesday 31st of October 2012, 19:32:35, ADT
Name: Eric Eriksen
Number: 252
Sorry Terry I misunderstood your message. I have since researched the matter on the internet and now understand what you are asking. Please excuse my error.
Date: Tuesday 30th of October 2012, 21:47:44, ADT
Name: Cpl[R] P.[Eric]Eriksen
Number: 251
Ken Salmon was my roommate in Wosley Barracks in Nicosia. We were there in April 1967 and I helped carry him when he was buried in the British cemetary in Dekhelia on or about Sep 24, 1967. Sorry for the spelling, I have had some vodka and am sending this from my laptop in my bedroom.
Date: Tuesday 30th of October 2012, 18:45:41, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 250
Who was serving in Cyprus when the cairn in memory of Cpl Ken Salmon was erected and just where in Wolseley Barracks was it located. Also who was there when the plaque was removed and send to CFSIS. Any photos?
Date: Tuesday 30th of October 2012, 15:37:02, ADT
Name: George Campbell
Number: 249
Hey Jim Farmer, were you in Shilo 1969? Check out the photo on the homepage. They put the wrong info there but I was remustered out in 1971..
Date: Monday 29th of October 2012, 18:06:16, ADT
Name: Colin Davey
Number: 248
I have recently re-established contact with CProC and as a mere 'meathead' was delighted to do so. I served in 1 Commonwealth Division Pro Coy, Korea from Feb 52 - Jul 53, which included 37 CProC soldiers of 25 Cdn Bde. The OC was Canadian, as were a second officer Capt/Lt and the CSM. It was the only unit in the division that lived in international harmony throughout their existance. We even had 17 Australian coppers. Best wishes to all 'survivors'.
Date: Monday 22nd of October 2012, 13:38:41, ADT
Name: Bob Peddle
Number: 247
Upon checking your page again, I noticed a message from Jim Rogers. I'm wondering if it's the same Jim Rogers that I serve with at the Gagetown Detachment back in the early 60's. If so "Hi Jim". I was a member of the Provost Corps for 7 and 1/2 years in the 60's and have always been proud of that fact. Some great memories and a few that wasn't so great.
Date: Saturday 20th of October 2012, 20:28:04, ADT
Name: Jim Rogers
Number: 246
Hello, Grant Wakely I phoned you a few weeks ago as I was passinf thru Port Hope.....just got your answering machine....jr
Date: Wednesday 10th of October 2012, 18:41:20, ADT
Name: Preben Eriksen
Number: 245
Jim I have purchased many CProC badges, hat badges, collar dogs, metal and cloth shoulder flashes etc at " badges". There are 36 pages and only a few represent the CProC. You have to go through them and be patient. Respectfully!
Eric Eriksen
Date: Monday 8th of October 2012, 21:46:21, ADT
Name: Jim Farmer
Number: 244
looking to contact anyone who went through the last C Pro C group 1 course at CFB Borden in 1967 and to purchase C Pro C items.
Date: Wednesday 5th of September 2012, 21:16:12, ADT
Name: Ellery Ike Oicle
Number: 243
Hello... just wanted to let you know that Anita and I live in Timberlea,just out side of Halifax.... 1-902-876-7914 or Anyone know/hear from Bernie Wright??? also LCpl hartme/Jorgisten, 2 Provost 1966 1969?
Date: Saturday 25th of August 2012, 17:31:37, ADT
Name: Preben[Eric]Eriksen
Number: 242
Just read the RCL's "Last Post". Sad to read that Ssgt[WO] Charles [Chuck] Bailey passed away June 6, 2012 in Belleville, Ontario. I knew Ssgt Bailey when he was the SNR NCO at the detachment in Camp Borden....1971-72. He was a fine leader and one of the best in the Provost Corps until it was destroyed by the Liberal government. Long live the Canadian Provost Corp!
Date: Tuesday 21st of August 2012, 20:30:12, ADT
Name: Barry Abraham
Number: 241
I would like to hear from anyone that was with me in Basic training starting Sept 1961. Or provost platoon, Calgary 1963 - 1964 . Thanks and a Big Hello to all former C Pro C
Date: Sunday 19th of August 2012, 14:22:44, ADT
Name: Donald R J Mackey,CD
Number: 240
Mell: Check out to-day's Wpg Free Press , Front page and page 5.
Date: Tuesday 7th of August 2012, 12:51:27, ADT
Name: Peter Griffin
Number: 239
This was in todays Ottawa Citizen. RIP. Keith MARKS Visit Guest Book, Warrant Officer Keith (Bun) MARKS, CD Passed away at home at the age of 71 on Friday August 3, 2012. Predeceased by his wife Lucie Marks (nee Pharand) Survived by his children Francine Marks and Bryan (Tracy) Marks. Will be sadly missed by his three grandchildren Alexander, Nathan and James. Fondly remembered by his brothers and sisters Karl, Connie Wilkins (John), Vivian Hachey (Bernie), Marion Verner, Beverly Pevlin (Steve), Stephen Alexander. Retired military police with the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires. Friends are invited to visit at the St. Laurent Chapel of Hulse, Playfair and McGarry, 1200 Ogilvie Road (at Aviation Parkway) on Thursday, August 9, 2012 from 6-9 pm. A celebration of life will take place in the Chapel on Friday at 2pm. In lieu of flowers, donations would be appreciated to the Ottawa Mission, 35 Waller St, Ottawa, ON K1N 7G4.
Date: Sunday 5th of August 2012, 22:21:41, ADT
Name: Cy Taylor
Number: 238
William Grant Wakely of Port Hope, Ont.. How in the wold are you anyways,,, I must call Calgary and tell Graham Farquharson that you are still out and about,,,, Get in touch with me eh,
Date: Sunday 5th of August 2012, 21:58:16, ADT
Name: Cy Taylor
Number: 237
Ernie Robichaud,,,,, Are you one of the fellas who came to 73 class back about 1960 to get your group one ,,, If I remember right there was about a half doz of you good folks,,,,Cy
Date: Saturday 4th of August 2012, 21:12:26, ADT
Name: Ernie Robichaud
Number: 236
Hi, Dave long time no see,nice to see your still kicking all is well here.
Date: Thursday 2nd of August 2012, 22:34:17, ADT
Name: Dave Mackesy
Number: 235
Just trawling the site - lot of familiar names. Hi to all the old "****heads". Interestingly the site filter found my original term offensive!!!!
Date: Tuesday 24th of July 2012, 17:33:13, ADT
Name: Peter Palmer
Number: 234
Hi to all, hope to see a few of you at the MP Reunion in Summerside PEI this 23 - 26 Aug 2012, from checking the names attending, it seems to be a great group of people going. I am looking forward to having a cold one with a few of you.
Date: Thursday 28th of June 2012, 11:57:51, ADT
Name: Jules Knuyver
Number: 233
Hi Ernie, Sorry, missed your "Radio Check" dated 6 May 12. However, hopefully an answer is better late than never. Still breathing, living and working in the GTA but planning to cut back on the work load this summer and take some time to smell the roses and renew contact with those I had the privelege and pleasure of working with during my time in uniform. From comments and updates posted on Mel's site, it appears I've missed a lot. Cheers:
Date: Tuesday 26th of June 2012, 22:10:48, ADT
Name: Preben [Eric] Eriksen
Number: 232
Oicle: Is the Ron Jordon you speak of from London, ON? A former employee of Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre?
Date: Tuesday 26th of June 2012, 15:51:40, ADT
Name: Bob Hawboldt
Number: 231
Justnoticed Earnie Robichaud's "Radio Check" and thought that I would let the (old) Provosts that there are still a few of us left.
Date: Friday 22nd of June 2012, 19:36:46, ADT
Name: Ellery Ike Oicle
Number: 230
Hello all you out there.. I am still alive and enjoying life here in Timberlea,Nova Scotia... Haven't heard much from you guys.. R U still alive Ron Jordon.. Ike
Date: Tuesday 19th of June 2012, 20:50:48, ADT Name: Sam Moses Number: 229 Just a note to see if I can post a message and to answer Ernie onhis RADIO check. I always enjoy seeing past C Pro C (as in past I only mean old) post news about on different people that I know and have had the enjoyment of serving with .
Date: Thursday 17th of May 2012, 17:34:55, ADT
Name: Doug Clements
Number: 228
Does anyone out there have an e-mail address or any information, for any of the following guys that served with me in CYPRUS 1964-1965. Mike FORD, Sam CASSIDY, Gibby GIBSON and Bill MURDOCK
Date: Sunday 6th of May 2012, 14:18:33, ADT
Name: Ernie Robichaud
Number: 227
Radio check, Over! Where have all the Provosts gone? we have a great Web Site, would like to hear from former CPROC who swerved under Tag Sign 79 or 28. I am sure like me there are many who would like to hear if you are still kicking even if we did not served together we all new each other or most did. Over!
Date: Wednesday 25th of April 2012, 10:15:56, ADT
Name: Jacques Gauthier
Number: 226
Hello: Does anyone remember Charles A. Simmer 1919-1970?. He is buried in Thunder Bay Ontario Military Plot. He lived in Terrace Bay Ontario. Manitoba may have been his stomping grounds. Thank you!
Jacques Gauthier, Box 79, Rossport Ontario P0T 2R0 , e-mail
Date: Saturday 31st of March 2012, 6:45:21, ADT
Name: George Elliott
Number: 225
Congratulations to the those receiving the Queens Medal. Well deserved.
George Elliott
Date: Wednesday 28th of March 2012, 16:06:16, ADT
Name: Mike Houghton
Number: 224
I just wanted to say Thank you to Mel for helping me out so greatly. If there is anyone who knew my grandfather or was in his unit kindly let me know. My email is Thank You!
Sgt. Vincent Roy Houghton 43rd provost company
Date: Thursday 8th of March 2012, 14:12:58, ADT
Name: Terry Roberts
Number: 223
WO (Ret) Ed Hartley passed away on 27 Feb 2012 in the Comox Hospital. Ed suffered a stroke earlier in the week and could not recover. He was cremated and his ashes along with those of his wife, Betty will be spread around the home of their step-sons on Vancover Island. A celebration of Life for Ed will be held at the Comox Legion on 24 March 2012 starting at 1300 hrs. Ed was a good friend of mine having served together at Vancouver Det in 1960 and again at CFB Baden in the 70's. Rest in peace!
Date: Monday 5th of March 2012, 14:19:30, ADT
Name: Ernie Robichaud
Number: 222
Dicks retire late 80s? belived left Ottawa for the Calgary Area
Date: Monday 5th of March 2012, 0:48:51, ADT
Name: Peter Wood
Number: 221
i am trying to locate a cpl. Dicks and cpl.w.Upper CPC who served with the canadian contingent in Cyprus 1 Oct.1970- Mr.!971 .They were attached to the 3PPCLI.i would like to contact them for a pention claim. my e-mail is .thank you.
Date: Sunday 26th of February 2012, 2:42:55, ADT
Name: Jim (Big Jim) Crossley
Number: 220
I just read of the passing of my old friend Jerry Cullen. If my memory serves me correctly, Jerry worked with me at the old Chilliwack Detachment. That was between 1958 - 1960. He was a Corporal at that time, and had also served in Korea. Jerry had a very persuasive way of getting me to type up all of his investigation reports. He always paid me off at the Corplorals Mess (school of engineers) with a nice cold beer. Our boss was the Late and the Great Notorious Staff Sergeant MacWilliams, who also was a former instructor at the C Pro C School in Borden and Shilo. Jerry Cullen was one of the nicest and most respected companions I had ever worked with. Members of the School of Engineers in Chilliwack at that time had a lot of respect for him. He was quiet, friendly, and just did a damn good job. He is missed.
Date: Wednesday 15th of February 2012, 17:33:24, ADT
Name: Dell Blakney
Number: 219
I learned from Ellery Oicle today that Peter Palmer's wife Bethina passed away this morning, It is with great sadness that I pass this information. Bethina fought a long and courageous battle with illness and Peter was by her side every step of the way. Peter you were a most dedicated husband and Jackie and my thoughts are with you. May you find comfort knowing that Bethina is now in peace. Our deepest condolences.
Date: Thursday 9th of February 2012, 22:23:28, ADT
Name: Preben [Eric] Eriksen
Number: 218
I am looking for anyone who would have photographs of the Class 96 from Camp Borden in August 1964 or photographs from 1 Provost Platoon, Sarcee Barracks, Calgary Alberta
Date: Friday 3rd of February 2012, 20:27:24, ADT
Name: Taylor Cyril G.
Number: 217
Just a note to let everyone know I am still alive and well.
Date: Friday 3rd of February 2012, 13:58:55, ADT
Name: JL Pearo
Number: 216
I know its a long shot but i'm searching for a group photo of the Canadian Provost Corps that may have my grandfather Sergeant Melvin G. Pearo in it. He was from Alder Point, Nova Scotia and served from 1940 to 1947, Service Number: F55891. Thanks in advance.
Date: Friday 3rd of February 2012, 13:44:46, ADT
Name: Ronald Pelletier
Number: 215
I'm looking to find Robert Bob Caron,,,we worked together back in 65 at the Quebec Provost Det and we last crossed paths back in Cyprus of 68. If anyone has an email address or phone #, I would like to contact him,,,Thanks !!!
Date: Saturday 21st of January 2012, 14:13:42, ADT
Name: Dell Blakney
Number: 214
Robert E Long one of our old time Provosts turns 79 today........ Happy Birthday Bob
Date: Friday 20th of January 2012, 23:50:42, ADT
Name: Dell Blakney
Number: 213
The following information concerning Derek Hunter Supplied by his wife Juanita as follows: "Derek is having some health issues for sure.He had a stroke on Dec 8th and was in hospital for 9 days. He lost use of his right side and was to get in a therapy programme in the New Year. Before therapy got started he took a fall on Jan 14 and fractured his collar bone and several ribs and has been in hospital since then. His name is on a list to move to the Rehababilitation Ward when there is a vacancy . Once he gets moved there it will take a couple of months to get him mobilized. He is more than anxious to get on the road to recovery. For the time being ,his cancer issue has been put on the back burner as they have stopped his drug for awhile. Derek doesn't mind you passing on info and he knows that he has many folk praying and supporting him. No n eed to elaborate....just make it short.I only ask that they save the well wishes until he is back home and on the computer. I don't have a lot of time as I go to the hospital daily.Also we need a new computer as this one is old and jams up when overloaded.
Date: Sunday 1st of January 2012, 15:55:56, ADT
Name: Nels Boehme
Number: 212
I would like to contact someone from the Canadian Provost Corps #3 Coy. who was in Holland when my brother Sergeant Hubert Edward POPKEY C38363 was killed on July 1., 1945, or anyone who has knowledge of him. Thank you!
Nels Boehme, Combermere ON. K0J1L0,
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