Painting Of The Canadian Provost Corps Badge

Painting of C Pro C Badge.
Former member of the Canadian Forces Military Police, MWO (Retired) Steve Murray-Ford, having become an aspiring artist in his retirement years, made the acrylic painting of the Canadian Provost Corps badge, (the Queen's cipher), shown on the left.

On 11 July 2019, during a visit to Nova Scotia from Comox, BC, Steve gathered with several of his former military colleagues in the Halifax area where he presented the Web Master with the painting. Though I knew Steve to be an exceptional and multi-talented Military Policeman from years long gone by, however; the thought of him of becoming a talented Artist never crossed my mind.

Steve discovered his artistic talents after undertaking a course following his retirement form the Canadian Forces Military Police. His artistic abilities are indeed commensurate with that of his policing skills. Well Done Steve and thank you for the great momento of days long past.!