King's badge Former Canadian Army crest. Queen's badge
Canadian Provost Corps

A Badge Remembered
Retired Warrant Officer Gordon R. (Gord) Greeno
Of Coldbrook, NS

Photo of Gord Greeno. spacer. Former member of the Canadian Provost Corps and the Canadian Forces Military Police, Gordon Greeno, who is enjoying his hard earned second retirement in the beautiful Annapolis Valley area of Nova Scotia is noted for his great war stories and poetry. In fact, he has been published on this web site on several previous occasions and currently has a transcript of his personal book, A Provost's Book posted herein.

Gord recently scribed a poem in commemoration of the Canadian Provost Corps badge which was so proudly worn by the small but mighty group of Service Police personnel who policed the Canadian Army from 1939 to 1967. In this poem, A Badge Remembered, Gord expresses his feelings about the loss of the C Pro C badge in the disbandment of the Canadian Provost Corps in 1967 following the unification of the Canadian Forces. Those feelings are undoubtedly shared by many other former members of The Corps.

The Canadian Provost Corps,
Has ceased in this land to exist.
For many, The Lion and The Crown,
Will forever and ever be missed.

The Badge is an inspiration,
And was worn with great pride.
It is a treasure to be lost,
In the ever changing tide!

Discipline By Example,
Is the message that it bore.
It remains a shining beacon,
From those days of peace and war.

For those of us who enjoyed the peace,
While life gave us an even chance.
We remember those who wore this badge,
And lie beneath the green fields of France.

 Canadian Flag banner

- The End-