CWOs Rank Badge Former Members Of The Canadian Provost Corps
CF Special Investigation Unit
Unit Chief Warrant Officers
CWOs Rank Badge
CWO Lionel T. (Ted) Genest
CWO Lionel T. (Ted) Genest, CD
1969 - 1973
Maurice James V. (Moe) Rooker
CWO M. J. V. (Moe) Rooker, CD
1978 - 1984
CWO Leo Bernard
CWO Leo Bernard, CD
1984 - 1987
CWO J. B. (Pete) Collins
CWO J. B. (Pete) Collins, CD
1992 - 1993
CWO M. R. (Mel) Pittman
CWO M. R. (Mel) Pittman, CD
1993 - 1994
CWO J. L. (Les) Hessian
CWO J. L. (Les) Hessian, MMM, CD
1996 - 1998