CWOs Rank Badge CWOs Rank Badge
Regimental Sergeant-Majors
Canadian Provost Corps School
CWOs Rank Badge
WOI  A.E. Donaldson
RSM A. E. Donaldson, CD
1942 - 1945
Portrait of RSM E. (Ernie) McNamara
RSM Ernie McNamara, CD
1945 - 1946
WO2 Rollins.
Acting RSM
WO2 Howie Rollins, CD
1950 - 1951
WO2 M. L. Fortier
Acting RSM
WO2 Marcel L. Fortier, CD
WO2 Lorne Henderson.
Acting RSM
WO2 Lorne Henderson, CD
WOI Earl Grey
RSM Earl Grey, CD
1955 - 1958
WOI Christie
RSM Gerry Christie, CD
1958 - 1960
WOI Reg Lenton
RSM Reg Lenton, CD
1961 - 1963
WOI Jim Holland
RSM J. D. (Jim) Holland, CD
1963 - 1967
WOI AS (Al) May
RSM A. S. (Al) May, BEM, CD
1967 - 1972
Web Master's Note:
spacer. The Canadian Provost Corps School, originally named Corps Training Center (A-32), was established at Camp Borden, Ontario on the 01 November 1942. The first School RSM has been identified from an old course photo as WOI A. E. Donaldson.

spacer. There are no records available to identify who the RSM or Acting RSM of the C Pro C School was during the periods 1947 - 1950 and 1953 - 54. Click here to email the Web Master If you can provide information on anyone else who filled the RSM position at the CTC/C Pro C School during the periods unaccounted for.
spacer. The assistance provided by the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy (CFMPA) Chief Warrant Officer, YJ Beaudoin and his staff in preparing a CD of the photos contained in the Academy's Rogues Gallery is very much appreciated. The historic facts contained therein was an invaluable source in the development of this page in tribute to those exceptional men, The RSM's, who led the way for the rest of us.