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1939 - 1966
Since the inception of the Canadian Provost Corps through the activation of No. 1 Provost Company (RCMP) in 1939, senior non-commissioned members in the rank of WO1 were appointed as Regimental Sergeant-Majors of each Provost Company in Canada and overseas. Each of the Service Detention Barracks in Canada had an RSM on staff, plus; there was one at on staff at the Provost Training Depot (A-23 in Camp Borden, ON) and another at the office of the Provost Marshal Army in Ottawa.

Those distinguished gentleman who served as iconic leaders in their respective units motivated NCO's off all ranks to consistently perform at their peak while enforcing dress, deportment and conduct to the highest level. Through their insistence all members of the Canadian provost Corps were required to maintain discipline to a level that established an example for all service personnel to follow. Hence; the Corps motto was: Discipline By Example!

Research has revealed the names of the following personnel who had been appointed Regimental Sergeant-Major's in the Canadian Provost Corps from it's creation in 1939 to it's demise in 1966 upon integration of the Canadian Armed Forces:

  • WO1 G. W. (George) BALL - RSM 1 Provost Company
  • WO1 A. S. (Art) BIRD - 2 L Of C Provost Company
  • WO1 G. (Gil) BOUDREAU - Office Of The PM
  • WO1 M. E. (Pat) BYERS - 3 Provost Company
  • WO1 E. R. (Cappy) CAPPIELLO - 8 Provost Company
  • WO1 G. E. (George) CHRISTIE - C Pro C School
  • WO1 C. T. E. COLEMAN
  • WO1 W.T. (Bill) DUNBAR - 1 L Of C Provost Company
  • WO1 R. (Ron) FINNIE - C Pro C Depot, Aldershot, England
  • WO1 E. (Earl) GREY - C Pro C School
  • WO1 T. S. GILES - 4 Provost Company
  • WO1 E. D. (Denny) HARPER - 4 Provost Company
  • WO1 H. L. (Hank) HATCH - 12 Service Detention Barracks (12 SDB)
  • WO1 Art HEYMANS - 12 and 14 Service Detention Barracks (SDB)
  • WO1 D. (Danny) ILLINGWORTH - Provost Traiuning Center (A-32) Borden, ON
  • WO1 W. B. (Bill) KNIGHT - 8 Provost Company
  • WO1 J. (Jack) MacDONALD - 8 SDB
  • WO1 A. (Archie) MacKENZIE - 1 Provost Company
  • WO1 Ernest (Ernie) McNAMARA - 7 Provost Compan
  • WO1 A. MANVEILER - 2 Provost Company
  • WO1 H. (Hughie) McCALLUM - 13 Provost Company
  • WO1 J. E. (Jim) McCARDLE - 1 Provost Company
  • WO1 A. S. (Al) MAYS - 11 Provost Company
  • WO1 E. S. (Squeeky) NEILSEN - 2 Provost Company
  • WO1 G. W. OAKES - 2 Provost Company
  • WO1 E. F. (Fred) PUTNAM - 3 Provost Company
  • WO1 J. (Jimmie) RAE - 11 Provost Company
  • WO1 J. H. (Jack) STAUNTON - 5 Provost Company
  • WO1 R. M. (Bob) WALLACE - 3 Provost Company
  • WO1 R. L. (Len) WHITWORTH - 9 Provost Company

Source: Watchdog - A History Of The Canadian Provost Corps by Colonel Andrew R. Ritchie, OSt J, CD.

Web Master's Note:
Regretfully; the aforementioned list was incomplete, omitting former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, RSM Art Heymans, as was brought to the attention of the web master on 10 Oct 2017 by his son, John H. Heymans, Maj (Retd), 8CH.