CWOs Rank Badge Former Members Of The Canadian Provost Corps
Canadian Forces Security And Intelligence School (CFSIS)

School Chief Warrant Officers
CWOs Rank Badge
WOI AS (Al) May
RSM A. S. (Al) May, BEM, CD
1967 - 1971
CWO Charlie Douglas
CWO Charlie Douglas, CD
1971 - 1975
CWO Gus Preisweck
CWO Gus Preisweck, CD
1975 - 1981
CWO George Elliott
CWO George W. Elliott, MMM, CD
1985 - 1989-
CWO Jules Knuyver
CWO Jules Knuyver, CD
1989 - 1992-
CWO Les Hessian
CWO J. L. (Les) Hessian, MMM, CD
1991 - 1995-