Tribute To Warrant Officer First Class
(Regimental Sergeant Major)
RSM Ernest (Ernie) McNamara

Photo-01 of RSM Ernest McNamara. Photo-02 of RSM Ernest McNamara.

spacer. RSM Ernest (Ernie) McNamara was born in Belfast, Ireland in 1905, emigrating to Canada with his family around 1915. They settled on a farm in Alberta until he became of age and joined the Canadian Army in the early thirties, initially serving with the Royal Canadian Regiment and transferring to the Canadian Provost Corps during WWII while serving in Til burg, Holland.

spacer. During the war, as an infantry NCO, RSM McNamara assisted in securing a Nazi Internment Camp in Holland, an experience that he would have rather had done without. It was a subject that he seldom, if ever, talked about.

spacer. Following WWII, RSM McNamara returned to the RCR and as a WO2 he was posted to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Depot Division in Regina, Saskatchewan where he instructed RCMP recruits in the art of self-defence and general physical fitness training, a job very fitting for the infantry PT Instructor who had perfected those skills while so engaged in that field of deployment. It was only through a personal written request from Colonel JR Stewart, Provost Marshal Army, dated 14 June 1946, that led to him returning to the C Pro C in the rank of WO2 following completion of his tour of duty at RCMP Depot Division. (Note: Upon re-transferring to the C Pro C while at the RCMP Depot Div his position was thereafter manned by a member of the Canadian Provost Corps.)

spacer. RSM McNamara retired out of Currie Barracks, Calgary in 1954 where he served as the WO1 (RSM) of No.10 Service Detention Barracks, following 33 years of service. He passed away to that Big DB In The Sky on the 19 August 1968.

spacer. The foregoing information about RSM McNamara and supporting data was provided by his proud Grandson, Mr. Timothy (Tim) Ernest McNamara, a retired Sheriff.