Father and Son - C Pro C / RCMP Connection
Photo of member of C Pro C, Axel Nickolson in Korea-1953/54. Sgt Nicholson, RCMP and his restored antique WWII Military vehicle.
In the above photo on the left is Provost Corporal Axel Nickolson standing in front of a Korean War era military 3/4 ton vehicle while serving in Korea in 1953/54 and shown in the photo adjacent to it, is his son, Sergeant Al Nickolson, a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who is the proud owner of a vintage 1952 US Model M37, 3/4 ton vehicle, similar to the vehicle is Dad had driven in Korea. Sgt Nickolson had the vehicle restored in 1993 and had taken his Father for memorable drives around the neighbourhood which undoubtedly brought back many memories of his Dad's wartime service in Korea. Sadly; Cpl Nickolson passed away on the 24 Feb 1996, Sgt Nickolson displayed his vintage military vehicle at the 2016 Remembrance Day ceremonies in Red Deer, AB.
Photos submitted by RCMP Sgt Alan Nickolson.