In Memoriam

Lieutenant Peter Oliver
2 Provost Company -1942

Photo of C Pro C King's badge. Image of Lt Oliver's headstone Image of Cdn Flag at halfmast.

Photo of Lt Oliver's burial site
A plaque is being put in place by Capt Chris Forbes (RCMP) of Wetaskiwin, Manitoba in 1944 in memory of Lieutenant Peter Oliver, No. 2 Provost Company, (former member of the RCMP) who was killed in action on 19 August 1942 at "Dieppe". The inscription on the plaque is as follows:

"In memory of Lieut. P. Oliver our gallant comrade killed in action at Dieppe 19 Aug 42 from Officers and Men of No. 2 Cdn. Provost Coy."

Other members of the Canadian Provost Corps present are: (l - r) front row: Sgt Webb, Cpl Beattie, Pte Cumisky, LCpl O'Connor, LCpl J. H. Stake and WO 1 (RSM) Oakes. Back row: Sgt Escott, Pte Thompson, Pte Harding, Sgt Ford, LCpl Causton, LCpl MacMillan and LCpl Corrye.

Web Master's Comment:
The above photo of the Comrades of Lt Peter Oliver (RCMP) paying respect to him was also printed in the official Armed Services Memorial Edition of the History Of WWII.

Photograph of Lt Oliver's memorial stone was submitted by former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, Major (retired) Terry Roberts, who visited his burial site in September of 2010.

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