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Canadian Flag banner. King's badge
1940 - 1952
Photos of C Pro C WWII Veteran, RSM Art Heymans.

Regimental Sergeant - Major (RSM)
Arthur H. (Art) HEYMANS
WWII Provost Veteran
C Pro C Queen's badge
1952 - 1968
Canadian Flag banner
Canadian Flag banner
RSM Art Heymans served wth the Canadian Army in North West Europe during WWII, followed by tours of operational duty in both Korea and the Congo. Born in Montreal, he joined the Royal Canadian Dragoons in the early 1930s as a boy soldier and went overseas with them in WWII. He later transferred to the 12th Manitoba Dragoons and then the Canadian Provost Corps.

In 1960 - 61 he served in the Congo with the Canadian Signals Unit as part of the United Nations Peace Keeping Unit. RSM Heymans retired from the Army in 1963 as a Warrant Officer first class.

Sadly; in 1967 RSM Heymans, at age 53, suffered a heart attack and died suddenly in Mansfield, Penn, USA while on vacation. At the time of his death he was a job counsellor with Canada Manpower.

The above information was submitted by Major (retired) John Heymans, (8CH), son of RSM Heymans.
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