Lieutenant Colonel James R. (Jim) Stewart, MBE, CD
Col Stewart spacer. Lieutenant Colonel Stewart was born in Charlottetown, PEI on 15 February 1914. He attended school in that city and graduated from the Union Commercial College.

spacer. He was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) from 1932 until he enlisted into the army at the outbreak of the Second World War. He went overseas in December of 1939 with No. 1 Provost Company (RCMP). He was commissioned in November 1940 and took command of No. 3 Provost Company, 1st Canadian Corps with the rank of Captain on the 7 May 1941

spacer. In March 1942 he was appointed Deputy Assistant Provost Marshal with 1st Canadian Corps, and early in 1943, was attached to 1st British Army, then engaged in the North African campaign.

spacer. Returning to England in April 1943, he was appointed Assistant Provost Marshal, 1st Canadian Army, in the rank of Major and continued in this appointment until the end of hostilities in Europe. He was promoted Lieutenant Colonel on 1 September 1945 and remained in Germany with the occupation forces as Deputy Provost Marshal. Upon his return to Canada in March 1946, he was appointed Provost Marshal of the Canadian Army and relinquished the post in July 1954 when he was appointed General Staff Officer (Grade 1) in the Directorate of Military Intelligence.

spacer. Lieutenant Colonel Stewart passed away on 28 September 1963.

Source: Canadian Provost Corps "Silver Jubilee", 1940 - 1965, printed by Mortimer Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario, May 1965.
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