Colonel George Thomas Goad
Col Goad Colonel Goad was born 9 September 1890 in Devon, England and, after graduation from Plymouth Mannamead College in 1913, emigrated to Canada. Shortly after his arrival in Canada the First World War broke out, and on 9 November 1914, he enlisted as a private in the 21st Battalion.

spacer. After service in France with this unit he was commissioned in the rank of lieutenant. He served in this rank with the 108th Battalion, the Sixth Reserve Battalion, and the 1st Tank Battalion for the remainder of the war. He retired from the Canadian Expeditionary Force on 6 November 1919.

spacer. Between the two world wars Colonel Goad was in the Penitentiary service of the Department of Justice, and rose to the position of Warden of Dorchester Penitentiary in New Brunswick. .

spacer. At the outbreak of the Second World War this officer was appointed to the Canadian Army for employment in the office of the Provost Marshal. On the 21 April 1942 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and appointed Assistant Provost Marshal, and on 1 September 1943 he was promoted to the rank of Colonel and appointed Provost Marshal. He held this post until his retiring on medical grounds 19 October 1945,at which time he resumed his civil appointment as Warden of Dorchester Penitentiary.

Editor's note:
spacer. Colonel Goad was the Warden of Dorchester Penitentiary during the period when Nazi General, Kurt Meyers was incarcerated there following his conviction for war crimes.

Source: Canadian Provost Corps "Silver Jubilee", 1940 - 1965, printed by Mortimer Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario, May 1965.
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