Colonel Allen L. Brady, DCO, CD
Col Allen Brady Colonel Brady was born in France in 1917. He received his early education at Sault Ste Marie, Ontario and later obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with Queen's University.

spacer. He enlisted with the Royal Canadian artillery in February 1941, was subsequently transferred to the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps and posted to the Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD). For three months in 1943 he was in North Africa as an observer with the First British Army.

spacer. From April 1943, until January 1945, he again served with the RCD. For the remainder of the war he was with Headquarters, 1st Infantry Division. After the war he attended the Staff College at Camberley, England.

spacer. Later, following a tour of duty with the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps School, Camp Borden, Ontario, he attended the United States Amphibious Warfare School at Quantico, Virginia. He was then posted to the Directorate of Military Training at Army Headquarters. In February 1951, he was appointed General Staff Officer (Grade 1) with Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE).

spacer. He returned from SHAPE early in March, 1954 to take up duties a Assistant Adjutant General in the Directorate of Manning at Army Headquarters. He assumed the appointment of Commanding Officer of the Royal Canadian Dragoons early in September 1956, serving with them in Germany until 15 April 1959, when he was appointed Provost Marshal. He served in this capacity until December 1961.

Source: Canadian Provost Corps "Silver Jubilee", 1940 - 1965, printed by Mortimer Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario, May 1965.
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