4CIBG PM Hosts USMP (Europe) PM
Soest Germany 1969
Photo of C Pro C Officers and USMP PM in Germany - 1969.

In the above photo the Provost Marshal of 4CIBG, Soest is shown with his staff officers as they were hosting the US Army Provost Marshal and some of his staff who were on an official visit to the Canadian Forces Brigade HQ in Soest in 1969.

From left to right, the Canadian Provost Corps officers are: Capt Bob Morey, unidentified USMP Officer, Capt Merve Parker, unidentified US Army Provost Marshal, Major WP (Bill) Stoker the Canadian Provost Marshal, another unidentified USMP Officer and Capt Vance.

Photo compliments of Major (retired) Bill Stoker.