"Types Of Provost Headdress"
Wedge Cap
beret Forage Cap MP field helmet MP UN helmet
The Wedge Cap was the first form of authorized headdress for members of Number 1 Provost Company (RCMP) and subsequently, for all other Provost Companies and Headquarter's Provost staff formed during WWII. The Officers were also authorized to wear the standard kaki forage cap, a practice that continued until the integration of the three services in 1968.

Following WWII the black beret was approved for wear by all other ranks of the Canadian Provost Corps and was worn until the forage cap (with red hat band) was adopted in the late fifties.

The two helmets were worn primarily in operational theaters. The white one was worn exclusively with UN Military Police Units and the green helmet was worn in NATO formations, usually, while on field exercises. Other field Provost formations in Canada also wore the green helmet when deployed in the field. Normally, only the helmet liner was worn, unless circumstances dictated that additional protection was warranted, then the metal helmet was worn over the liner; bearing the same markings.