Canadian Army (C Pro C) Recruiting Poster
( Mid-1950s Era )
Photo of a Army (C Pro C) recruiting poster mid-fifties.
The above Army recruiting poster advertising the Canadian Provost Corps in the mid-1950s undoubtedly caught the eye of many a young man who ultimately chose to commence a career in policing through joining the Corps. Since then, many of them when on to become leaders in numerous Canadian civilian police services as well as industrial security and within the various prison services throughout the Country.

Depicted in the above photo is none other then retired Master Warrant Officer Frank Barton, then a Sergeant in the C Pro C, who remains to this day an active supporter of the Corps Association. Frank kindly provided the above image of the recruiting poster that he had kept as a memento of his service with the Corps.

Webmaster's Comment:
It was this particular recruiting poster that caught the attention of a young cadet at age 14 (the web master) who ultimately, not only went on to join the C Pro C, but subsequently served under the guidance of Sgt Frank Barton at the Hemer Provost Detachment, Hemer, Germany in the early 1960s.
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