Provost Serving With The Airborne Regiment
Provost With the UN.

Corporal Duke Aulenback, a member of the Canadian Provost Corps, while serving with the Canadian Airborne Regiment, based in Edmonton, Alberta in the late-sixties. Duke served with the "Airborne" from 1968 to 1973. In Feb1970 he attended a Jump Master Certification Course for the C-141A at 62MAWg, Combat Operations Div, (USA) Fort McCord Airforce Base, Washington State, ultimately achieving the qualification of Military Jump Master. He retired in the late seventies in the rank of Warrant Officer and is currently enjoying his well earned retirement in Calgary, Alberta. Duke, aka. (Big Duke), a former mentor/patrol partner of the Web Master, was equally as confident in his role as an Airborne parachutist as he was in executing his duties as a Service Policeman.