Provost Brassards
Photo of Provost Brassard.

Each of the armbands were worn on the left arm, mid-way betwen the elbow and shoulder. They were worn just below the NCO's rank badge. The Provost brassard above was worn by all C Pro C personnel employed on Service Police duties in Canada and on some international deployments, while the MP brassard was worn by Provost formations deployed with NATO. The APM brassard (below) was the worn by the Area Provost Marshal (APM) of the 1st Canadian Army. CWO (retired) George Elliott supplied the above brassard while Major (retired) Tony McAskill supplied the APM armband. The MP brassard was submitted by Mr Normans Landstra, a former US Marine, whose younger brother, Lester, had served in the Canadian Provost Corps.

Image of a MP Brassard worn by Provost personnel.
Photo of Assistant Provost Marshal armband (vintage WWII).