C Pro C School Motorcycle Display Team
Photo of the C Pro C School Motorcycle Display Team- 1955.
1955 - Members of the Canadian Provost Corps School, Motorcycle Display Team, Camp Shilo, Manitoba, are shown demonstrating one of their more difficult stunts in a Photo Op on the School parade square. Shown on the m/c are: standing - Sgt Deyarmond, and the member on the front of the motorcycle is identified as LCpl William J. Gray of Victoria, BC, while the fellow on the rear, is none other then former member, Corporal Jim Crossley, who served with the C Pro C during the period 1953 - 1960.

Jim Crossley advises that he recalls being asked to participate in this photo op event because he was rather small and thin at that time, much the same stature as LCpl Gray, size of course, being an important criteria for this event. Jim says; Gray and him were both on a motorcycle training course at that time.

On the 08 January 2010 the Web Master received an e-mail from Mr WJ (Bill) Gray clarifying his identity as the person on the front of the M/C in the above photo.

(Photo provided by former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, Tony L'Orsa of BC.).