Garrison Provost Patrol Vehicles
Patrol car

Kingston Provost Detachment - 1965. Lance Corporal Fred Herman, on mobile patrol. Note the siren on the right fender and the small red light on the roof of the sedan.

Photo provided by former member of the C Pro C, Fred Herman, a retired Clerk Admin Chief Warrant Officer.

V/W Beetle Patrol car

The Volkswagon Beetle Patrol Vehicle was first utilized as a patrol vehicle by the C Pro C of 4 Provost Platoon in Germany in 1963 where it became a novelty throughout the Canadian military community, equipped with the emergency blue light and claxton siren. It was also a bit of a challenge for most of the present day members of the C Pro C to access and egress, bearing in mind, most members of the C Pro C in the post WWII era were 5'10" or taller.

Photo provided by Ms Linda Tresham, daughter of the late MWO Donald Tresham, a former member of the C Pro C.