4 Provost Platoon In The Early 60s
Members of 4 Pro Pl early 60s.
Taken in Soest Germany in 1963 as the above members were providing a Military Police escort to VIPs visiting the Canadian Brigade. From left to right are: Lance Corporal Sam Cassidy (retired Sgt), LCpl Dick Coroy (retired CWO), LCpl Ralph Shultz (retired Sgt) , and the last two are unidentified members.
Members of 4 pro Pl 1963.
All are unidentified.
LCpl Axelson Nickolson and unidentified lady.
All are unidentified.
LCpl Axel Nickolson, 4 Pro Pl 1963.
The member shown in the above photo is unidentified..
4 Pro Pl Paddywagon.
Shown above is a 4 Provost platoon Paddywagon (patrol vehicle) - 1963 era.
Shown above is the 4 Provost Platoon Headquarters at Fort Henry, Soest, Germany in 1963.
Note: 28 tac sign and vehicle number on the V/W, indicating that it is a Canadian Army vehicle assigned to a Canadian Provost Corps formation.
Please e-mail the Web Master if you can recognize the unidentified members in the above photos.
Photos were submitted by Cpl Axelson Nickolson's son, RCMP Sergeant (retired) Alan (Al) Nickolson of Red Deer, AB.
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