25 Provost Company Deployed With The UN Forces In Korea -1950
Group photo of first Provost contingent in Korea - 1950.
spacer. The above photo depicts members of the Canadian Provost Corps who were the first group of Provost despatched to Lewis, Washington, USA in preparation for deployment to Korea in 1950.
Front row - Lance Corporal D. Greenall, Private H. Gillispie, Sergeant A. Mackenzie, L/Cpl R. Goldston and Pte Valleire.
2nd row - Pte J. Drysdale, Sgt K. West, Sgt J. Highes, Warrant Officer II (Sergeant-Major) R. Harrison, Major RI Luker, Captain CA Breakey, Sgt WR Brocklebank, Sgt WE Chambers and L/Cpl Y. Grondin.
3rd row - Pte J Gallant, L/Cpl S Moodie, L/Cpl J Nobes, Pte S Boisvert, Cpl W Doherty, Pte R Keller, Pte L Aulph, L/Cpl L Boudreau, Pte G Boomer and L/Cpl R Nicholls.
Rear row - L/Cpl R Finley, L/Cpl K Steele, L/Cpl W Vaness, Pte R Fertile, L/Cpl M Guyitt, Pte A Campbell, Cpl D Barber, L/Cpl W Cornwall, Cpl K MacAuley, Pte E Nixon, Cpl K McGleish, Pte W Wilson, Pte W Parks, L/Cpl G Burt, L/Cpl G Hynes, Pte D Larlee and L/Cpl C Warnke.
spacer. Photo was submitted by Mr Don Larlee of Halifax area, NS, son of, the late Sgt Doug Larlee, who was an enthusiastic motorcylists throughout his service with the C Pro C, an interest he pursued following his retirement.
(Photo was taken by: Morley Studios, Tacoma, Washington, USA - 1950.)
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