Korean War Veteran On Exercise At Camp Borden - 1952
Photo of Pte Albert Richardson at Camp Borden, ON in 1952 prior to his deployment to Korea. spacer. Former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, LCpl Albert Richardson, is shown in the adjacent photo at Camp Borden in 1952 just prior to his deployment to Korea.

spacer. Albert recently made contact with the Web Master and introduced himself, explaining that he joined the C Pro C in 1952 and was posted to Korea later that year to replace the late Robert (Bob) Emery who gave his ultimate for his Country while deployed in the Korean War.

spacer. While in Korea he was attached with 1PPCLI (A Echelon) He returned from Korea with 1RCHA (C Bty), following which he was transferred to Toronto Provost Detachment in June 1953. He also served with such well known Provost stalwarts, Maurice (MOM) Labelle and Jim Ireland at Montreal Provost Det.

spacer. Albert related that when he was in training at Shilo he was admitted to hospital where he was treated by none other then, the wife of the late LCol JD (Jim) Lumsden, who was nursing at the Shilo Hospital.