Memories Of A Half-Century Ago
4 Provost Platoon / 1 Field Detention
Hockey Team

1957 - 58
members of the 4 Pro Pl/1FDB Hockey Team, Germany1957 - 58.
Inter-unit ice hockey was extremely popular amongst the units of the Canadian Brigade in Germany where exceptional rivalry existed between various units. Members of the Canadian Provost Corps deployed in Germany during the post war era, serving with 4 Provost Platoon and No.1 Field Detention Barracks, actively participated in the sport, with both units joining forces to man a Military Police team. The 1957 - 58 team encompassed members of both units who are identified as follows (left to right): Rear Row - Unidentified, Lcpl McMillan, WO2 Don Watts, Ssgt Danny O'Dell, Sgt Bill Milton, Unidentified and Lcpl John Cowick. Front Row - Cpl Harold (Hoppy) Hopkins, Lcpl Rob Douglas, Lcpl Les McNally, Unidentified, Unidentified, Lcpl Scotty Couture and Maj CA Breakey.

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This vintage photo was submitted by former member of the Canadian Provost Corps/CF Military Police, Major (retired) Terry Roberts of Edmonton, AB.
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