Prairie Command Provost Company - 1958
Prairie Command Provost Company - 1958, part-1.
Prairie Command Provost Company - 1958, part-1.

The above photo (split image) of Prairie Command Provost Company was taken at Fort Osborne Barracks (Headquarters), Winnipeg, Manitoba on the 26 May 1958, encompassing all Provost personnel throughout the Prairie Provinces under command of that formation.

From left to right: Front Row - Sgt Ridgewall, Ssgt J Adkin, Sgt PJ (Jack) Templeton, Sgt E. Smith, Ssgt J. Clark, WO2 RJ (Bob) Whitworth, Capt VH Richardson CD, Commanding Officer Prairie Command Provost Company, /// Major T Jamieson Quirk CD, Command Provost Marshal, Lt WR Kernaghan, 2 IC Prairie Command Provost Company, Lt WER Chambers CD, Commandant No.9 Service Dentention Barracks, WO1 GC Christie CD, RSM 9 SDB, Ssgt GDC (Carl) Wens, Sgt JA Tugby CD, Sgt RJH High, Sgt HJ (Harvey) Bowcott and Sgt CE (Lee) Leiberg.

Center Row - LCpl J Mackay, Cpl J (Ernie) Male, LCpl IH FRaser, LCpl MJP Harris, LCpl IWJ Needle, LCpl J (John) Coroy CD, Cpl JD Feldcamp, /// LCpl TH Done, LCpl AD Backlund, LCpl HHA Geurts, LCpl IG Hunt, Pte F Robinson, LCpl H Fraser, Cpl AA Duncan, LCpl WG Fraser, Cpl RA Hopkins and LCpl AJ McDonald.

Rear Row - Cpl WR Pollitt, Cpl HB Petit-Dann, Cpl EA Nielsen, Cfm F Byers, LCpl L (Leo) Bernard, LCpl D Saville, /// LCpl RW Dupas, Cpl A. Leitch, Sgt E Scherly, LCpl D (Dave) Williams, Sgt HH Brown, Ssgt AH Williams CD, Cpl W Soutar and Sgt L Ruttan.

Photo was submitted in December 2010 by Ms Linda Tresham of Ottawa, daughter of former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, the late Major Donald (Don) Tresham.
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