The final Service Police Group1 Course - 1967
The final Provost Gp course - 1967.
Shown above is the final class of Canadian Provost Corps recruits to graduate from their Service police Group 1 course at the Canadian Provost Corps School at CFB Borden, ON in August of 1967. Shown from left to right are:

Front row - Sgt WJ Vincent, WOII PP Gagnon, Maj DC Martin, LCol RI Luker, Capt CN Cowan and Staff Sgt WH Currie.

Center row - Pte JW Farmer, Pte RM Hunter, Pte DJ McCorrister, Pte B Mailloux, Pte LJ Hutchinson, Pte JMR Simard, LCpl T Taraniuk, Pte JA Auger, Pte ML Rivers, Pte JFA Dube, Pte BEP Johnson, Pte GG May, Pte JPA Desjardins and Pte JW Fairhurst.

Rear row - LCpl AC White, LCpl JP Beckwith, Pte DJ Roy, Pte BTD Villeneuve, Pte K Walker, Pte JA Leblanc, Pte AL Day, Pte RE Smith, Pte CPR Strom, Pte UP Tynes, Pte RJ MacInnis, Pte SLDG St Jacques and Pte DA Williams.

Photo submitted by former member Benny Villeneuve who was a member of the final C Pro C Service Police Group 1 course.
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