Participants In A Former C Pro C Association Dinner At CFB Borden
Photo - 01 - Members in attendance.
Shown immediately above is the group of the "Cyprus six" who attended the dinner. L - R: Terry Roberts, MOM Labelle, JP Lapointe, Joe Cripps, Dave Williams and Bill Patterson.
Photo - 01 - Photo of CWO Joe Cripps and his beautiful wife Anitia..
Shown in the above photo are CWO (retired) Joe Cripps and his beautiful wife Anitia.
Photo - 01 - Photo of Frank Barton and Gord Brill..
Frank Barton and Gord Brill are shown in the above photo.
Photo - 01 - Photo of RSM Holland and Andre Pepin.
Former C Pro C School RSM Jim Holland is on the left with Andre Pepin.
The above photograph taken at a Canadian Provost Corps Association Annual Dinner back in the late-nineties were submitted by Major (retired) Terry Roberts of Edmonton, AB.
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