No. 4 C Pro C Senior NCO Course - 1953
Photo of members of the C Pro C on a Snr NCO course at Camp Borden - 1953.
The group in the above photo, candidates on Number 4 Senior NCO Course at the Canadian Provost Corps School in 1953 at Camp Borden, Ontario, was completely identified by former member of the Corps, Gord Johnston of London, ON. Gord identified the name of the course, along with the year, plus; he also submitted the names of all the candidates. Your assistance is much appreciated, Gord.

Left to Right - Front Row: Sgt Smith , Sgt McWilliams, Major RI (Bob) Luker, Commandant, LCol JJ Platt, Capt Dunn, Sgt, AB (Robbie) Robertson, and Cpl McLeod.
Center Row: Sgt Hind, Cpl Brunet, Sgt Olson, Cpl Vaness, Sgt Hovey, Sgt White, Sgt Cormier, Sgt Hinch, Sgt McDougall, Cpl Cadorette.
Rear Row: Sgt Franklin, Sgt Jim Scanlon, Sgt Blondeau, Cpl Frank Barton, Sgt Beavis, Cpl Courschene, Sgt Johnston, Sgt Parker, Cpl Wells, Sgt Payne.

The above photo, submitted by former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, MWO (retired) Frank Barton of Fredericton, NB.
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