Kingston Provost Detachment - 1967

Kingston Provost Detachment - 1967.
Personnel of the Kingston, Ontario Provost Detachment are shown in the above photo that was taken in March 1967.

Left to right in the front row are: - Sgt Frank Beerling, Sgt Don Tresham, Sgt Don Holden, Sgt Bev Patterson, Capt GJ Conroy, LCol MacDonald, Ssgt Jim White, Sgt Cowan, John Harder, Cpl Devlin and Cpl Reg Blake.

Rear row: - Pte Dave Crocket, Cpl John O'Conner, Cpl John Black, LCpl Tony Taraniuk, Cpl Dell Blakney, Pte Fortin, Sgt Harris, Cpl John Paul (JP) Henry, Cpl Mike Richardson-Smith, LCpl Fred Boutilier, Pte Al Johnson and Cpl Manuel (Mannie) Pereda.

Photo and follow-up list of names was submitted by Ms Linda Tresham of Ottawa, daughter of former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, the late Major Donald (Don) Tresham.
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