Service Police Group 4 Course - 1964
members of the the C Pro C on Group 4 - 1964.
The group of senior members of the Canadian Provost Corps shown above were undergoing advanced specialist police training (Service Police Group 4 Course) at Camp Borden, Ontario in 1964. From left to right are: Front row - Staff Sergeant WOG Wellington, Sergeant Les Baylis (instructor), WO II Don Watts (course Sgt-Maj), Captain Harper (OIC Training), LCol BWE (Bill) Lee (School Commandant), Lieutenant Nat Smith (Course Officer) Sgt Ron Kinsley, and Staff Sergeant Gerry McConnell.

Back Row - Staff Sergeant George Deibert, Sergeant Bill Hills, Sergeant John Lepage, Sergeant Jack Radcliff, Sergeant Moe Feather, Sergeant Dave MacDonald, Sergeant Max Goulay, Sergeant Andy Blake, Sergeant Bill Graham, and Staff Sergeant Harvey Bowcott.

Photo was submitted by former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, Sergeant Dave MacDonald, a student on the course.
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