Canadian Provost Corps Sergeants' Mess Members, Camp Borden - 1952
Photo of C Pro C Sgt's Mess members, Borden - 1952.
Shown in the above photo are members of the Canadian Provost Corps Sergeant's Mess in Camp Borden, ON in July1952. This group, part of the initial post WWII (first peace time Provost) increment, encompassed members of the Canadian Provost Corps School, Number 12 Service Detention Barracks (SDB) and 6 Provost Company, all of whom were co-located within the confines of 12 SDB at that time. Space for the senior NCO (self-help) mess was made available in a vacant wing of No.12 SDB where the members were directly responsible for manning the bar on a rotational basis. Absolutely no dedicated staff was made available to operate the mess.

From left to right in the front row: WOII Phillip F. (Phil) Gagnon, WOII R.H.D. Hodges, WOII Marcel L. Fortier, Major B.W.E. (Bill) Lee, Captain W.T. Smith, WOI G. C. Christie, WOII G.F. Shepherd and WOI K. G. Doull.
Second row: Sgt G. St Dennis, Sgt K.P. Gaetzman, Ssgt Merle L. Shantz, Sgt D.W. Astill, Ssgt A.J. Delaney, Sgt G. Henderson, Sgt John R. (Red) Wilson, Sgt G.W.J. Stevens and Sgt K.E. Paulson.
Third row:Sgt F.J. Jacobsen, Ssgt A.B. Hewitt, Sgt B.S. Hebert, Sgt F.M. Ames, Sgt W.A. Grig, Sgt K.J. Brown, Sgt D.S. Mercer, Sgt A.B. (Robbie) Robertson, and Sgt R.P.J. Hill.
Rear row: Sgt J. Ridgewell, Sgt C.W. Shaddock, Sgt J.C. Halcrow, Sgt L.M. Jones, Sgt P.C. Deyarmond, Sgt R.F.C. Smith, Sgt G.C. McLaughlin and Sgt D.J. Clark.

The photograph was submitted by AB (Robbie) Robertson (2nd from the right in the third row) who advises that the photo was actually taken by a young unidentified Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC) officer, an amateur photographer, who later drowned in a boating accident, along with a colleague, on Marsh lake, near Whitehorse, NWT in 1958.

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