C Pro C School Band Marching In Civic Parade - 1958
C Pro C School Band in Brandon, Manitoba in 1958.
The above photo depicts the Canadian Provost Corps School Band marching in the Bandon, Manitoba Civic Parade on the 24 May1958. Note the styles worn by the spectators and the model of the cars in the photo.
Those were the days!

The smartness depicted by the Provost Bandsmen was second to none, however; there are some who described their music as being somewhat infamous.

Band members are from left to right:
  • Left File - Cpl Tom Evans, Cpl Al Hicks, Cpl Dave MacDonald, Sgt Harry Armstrong and Cpl Ron Welch.
  • Center File - Staff Sgt Halcrow, Sgt Jim Scanlon, Cpl George Elliott, Sgt Ernie Martin, Sgt Ernie Tack and Sgt Gus Preiswerk.
  • Right File - Sgt Joe Schiller, Cpl George Glover, Sgt Leo Doiron and Cpl Bill Chester.
Photo was submitted by former member of the C Pro C Band, retired Sgt Dave MacDonald.
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