Motorcycle Training At Shilo In 1956
Motorcycle Training At Shilo in 1956. spacer. In the photo on the immediate left, four members of the Canadian Provost Corps are shown undergoing motorcycle training at the C Pro C School at Camp Shilo, Manitoba in 1956.

spacer. As former member of the C Pro C and avid supporter of this web site, Tony L'Orsa of BC, so aptly wrote when he submitted the above photograph which he took in August 1956: It's the way we were back in 56. Shown in the above photo, from left to right, are Cpl Chester, Cpl Treleaven, LCpl George Barber (Don Barber's brother) and Sgt Robert (Bob) Tipple.

spacer. Once again, thanks to Tony L'Orsa for taking the time to forward this vintage photo of a by gone era, a day when Lance Corporals and Corporals were NCOs in a responsible junior leadership role and sergeants were senior leaders of an exceptional level of influence. It was an era where we stood to attention to speak with a Corporal; let alone a senior NCO. Yes indeed; it is: the way we were!
Motorcycle training at Camp Shilo - 1956. Shown in the adjacent photo within the motor transport compound at the C Pro C School, Camp Shilo in 1956 are from left to right; Corporal W Chester, Cpl Treleaven and Lance Corporal George Barber (brother of Sgt Don Barber, instructor and band leader at the C Pro C School at that time).
Photo was submitted by former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, Tony L'Orsa.
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