The First Canadian Provost Corps Formation - As Young Soldiers And Veterans. No. 1 Provost Company
Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( RCMP )

December 1939, Ottawa, Ontario
N0.1 Provost Coy (RCMP).
This historic photo was submitted by Mr Peter Vail of Fredericton, NB. The photo depicts the majority of the members of the RCMP who signed up to serve as Provost in the Canadian Army in December of 1939, thereby forming No. 1 Provost Company (RCMP), Canada's first Provost Company. A complete list of personnel in the photo (left to right) is as follows:

Front row - Constables (Cst) W. Dick, A.R. Allen, B.C. Fenn, J.R.R. Carriere, A. Lynas, H.C. Forbes, J.G. Lloyd, A. MacKenzie, C.E. Quantrill, J.H. Carcoux, G.A. Cutting, D.R. Scanlan, R.T.W. Gargan and T.G.N. Watts.

2nd row - Csts A.W. King, L.B. Smith, E.F. Burkmar, R.W. Hull, E.F. Putman, Cpls J. Green, Cpl R.J. Kidson, LCpl A. Drummond-Hay, Cpl G. W. Ball, Supt W.R. Day, Cpl G.W. Graham, Cpl E.A. Chamberlain, Cpl S.M.G. Margetts Cpl E. Tutin, Csts J.O.L. Beaulieu, W.H. Warner, E.A. Cameron, G.E. Bondurant and H.M. Childerstone.

3rd row - Cst D.H. Mason, LCpl R.W. Kells, Csts R.G. Cooper, L.W. Paige, H.L. Martin, S. Dalton, G.F. Canning, H.F. Hammond, K.G. Pedenson, R. McGill, H.F. Law, M.R. Stewart, J.R. Gauthier, E. Porter, C.L. Payne, W.M. Ogilvie, J.H.B. Doe, R.H. Dufry and N. Cooper.

4th row - Csts W. Henderson, C.A.E. Taylor, A.J. Gillis, C. Wood, R.P. Harrison, C.F. Wilson, D.M. Beach, J.W.B. Hallett, P.A. Anderson, W.G. Stevens, L.S. Grayson, J.R. Stewart, D.R. Hensie, R.T. Vessey, J.D.F. Morrison, LCpl J.H.C. Mcfee, and Cst P.S. Oliver.

5th row - Csts H. McCallum, C.J.F. Poolay, T. Bcal, L.G. Dagg, W.G. Baker, G.C. McKay, J.B. Harris, E.H. Stevenson, A.T. Kent, C.T. Hanman, W.R. Phillips, D.C.G. Moon, A.R. Skelley, R.A. Butler, R.A. Oglivie and O. Ness.

Back row - Csts C. Stanyer, H.J. Fitzallen, F.L. Pierce, E.G. Norman-Crosse, N.W.M. Dins, A. Robinson, C.E. Northwood, G.W. Mudge, LCpl F.A. Love, Csts J.A. Primrose, J.W.E. Hayes, J.H. Bumphrey, P.L. Keele, P.L. White, L.A. Gibbs, C.L. Ray, J.A. Stevenson, J. Gray, E.S.W. Batty and F.N. Bien.

Members absent from the photo - Cst J. A. Harkness, LCpl O.G. Supeane, Cst J.E. McCardle, F.J. Burke, E. Robinson, R.A. Stinson, K.H. Smith and X. Leclaire. This historic company of Provost personnel arrived in England on 17 December 1939.

No. 1 Provost Company (RCMP) Veterans
Photo of a No.1 Provost Company (RCMP) Veterans. Former members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who volunteered for duty overseas in WWII as military policeman in No. 1 Provost Company (RCMP) are shown in attendance at their annual reunion in Penticton, British Columbia in 1966. Several of these veterans has since passed on to that "Big DB In The Sky". Front Row: Johnny Quail, Monty Gibbs, Leo Beaulieu, George Cutting, Chuck Hanman, and Pete Morris. Rear Row: Walt Ogilvie, Lloyd Stewart, Ed Cosstick, Bill Dwyer, Alf Nicholas, Harry Bumphrey, Andy Anderson, Syd Batty, Moose Brien, Pat Gannon, Bill Henzie (deceased) and Bill Pickerell.
(Photo submitted by former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, the late LCol JD (Jim) Lumsden.
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