In Commemoration Of
Canadian Provost Corps Personnel
who participated in
The Dieppe Raid- 1942

Photo of LCol (r'td) JD (Jim) Lumsden in uniform. Photo of LCol (r'td) JD (Jim) Lumsden following retirement.

Prepared in 1992 on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the "Dieppe Raid" by Lieutenant Colonel (retired) James D. (Jim) LUMSDEN, a former member of the Canadian Provost Corps for publication in 'Watchdog', the C Pro C Association Newsletter.
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DIEPPE -1942
spacer On the 18th August 1942 4,963 Canadians embarked from the United Kingdom to participate in Operation Jubilee, "The Raid On Dieppe". Among this number were 41 members of the Canadian Provost Corps. On 19th August only 22 of that number disembarked back in the UK after this tragic "Reconnaissance In Force". Of the remaining 19, one, Lieutenant Peter OLIVER, was killed in action and 18 were taken as prisoners of war. 14 of the total number who embarked sustained wounds.

spacer The members of the Corps who participated in this action were drawn from No 2 Provost Company. Their names are:

Killed In Action
Lieutenant Peter S. (Pete) Oliver

Prisoners Of War
L/Cpl R. Baddley
A/L/Cpl C. E. Buck
LCpl R. A. Crawford
L/Cpl R. E. Crosthwaite
L/Cpl W. H. Dignam
Sgt A. Edgar
A/L/Cpl(unpd) J. A. Furnell
L/Cpl H. W. Glynn
Cpl F. E. Goldie

L/Cpl W. J. Greer
L/Cpl A. C. Jessop
A/L/Cpl(unpd) H. W. Manchester
Cpl H. Nelson
L/Cpl J. D. Noble
L/Cpl R. H. Pearson
Cpl A. R. Prouse
A/L/Cpl(unpd) J. Rogers
L/Cpl A. C. Russell

spacer 7 Of the 18 members who were taken as Prisoners Of War were wounded. It has not been possible to identify by name those in this group who were wounded.

Captain E,.H. Stevenson
L/Cpl D.H. Beattie
L/Cpl F.A. Causton
L/Cpl W.R. Escott
L/Cpl V. Harding
L/Cpl K.A. MacMillan
A/L/Cpl(unpd) J.C. O'Conner
L/Cpl R.C. Tressider

A/L/Cpl(unpd) J.C. Webb
A/L/Cpl(unpd) A.R. Cumisky
A/L/Cpl(unpd) R.P. Ford
A/L/Cpl(unpd) S.W. Gouldie

Cpl C.R. House
A/L/Cpl(unpd) W.J.C. Martin
LCpl E.T. Woods
A/L/Cpl(unpd) J.H. Stake

A/Cpl G.W.Oakes
Sgt D.E. Sands
A/L/Cpl I.E.Thompson
L/Cpl J. Thevenot
L/Cpl(unpd) F.J.Wheaton

spacer The Canadian Provost Corps Association was invited by the Honourable Gerald Merrithew, P.C., MP, Minister Of Veterans Affairs to nominate a member of the Corps who participated in the "Jubilee" Operation to join the delegation to England and France to mark the 50th anniversary of the Raid On Dieppe.

spacer I am pleased to advise that the nominee of our Association to participate in this delegation is one of our members, L/Cpl Verdun Charles Harding, (No 636) who resides at 126 South Edgley Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario. As you can see from the personnel listing above, Verdun embarked for the Operation on 18 August 1942 and disembarked back in the UK on 19 August. He subsequently served with the Corps in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. He was discharged from the Canadian Army in August 1945. Verdun has indicated that he is honoured to participate in this tribute to a courageous action by the Canadian Army. We are appreciative of his decision to serve as the Corp's Representative and wish him well on the demanding schedule which has been set by DVA for a number of events in the United Kingdom and France between 13 and 22 August .