C Pro C Junior Officer's Course - Borden - 1951
Photo of Officer Training class in Camp Borden-1951.
Many of the post WWII junior and senior officers that trained in this class of second lieutenants went on to become iconic figures within the C Pro C and were instrumental in leading the Corps into the 1970s and 1980s. From left to right are: Front row: - 2nd Lt Wooddaurn and Perry, C Pro C School Staff, Sgt MacWilliams, Major Dowcett, LCol Bill Lee (Commandant), Capt McManus, Students, 2nd Lt Hughes and Thoms.
Rear row: 2nd Lt Eastaugh, 2nd Lt (retired LCol) Dunn 2nd Lt Foy, 2nd Lt Turner, 2nd Lt JD (Jim) Lumsden (retired LCol), 2nd Lt (retired BGen) Walter Dabros and 2nd Lt Hooper.
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