Vancouver Provost Detachment - 1950/51
Members of Vancouver Provost Detachment -50/51.
spacer It is not often that one comes across a color photo in such good condition that dates back to the 1950 - 51 era. The above vintage photograph of members of the Vancouver Provost Detachment in 1950 - 51 was submitted by former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, Master Warrant Officer GG (Gerry) McConnell.

spacer Shown from left to right are: Lcpl J (Joe) Goulet (Militia Provost), Cpl JG (John) Smith, Sgt FJ Leary, Cpl GG (Gerry) McConnell and Lcpl LF (Lou) Espenhain. Gerry advises, if his memory serves him correctly, the Detachment was commanded by Capt CC Anderson and that the photo was taken in front of the Western Command Provost Company, Vancouver Detachment HQ, located at the entrance to Jericho Beach Base.

spacer Some of the members in the photo went on to have very successful careers within the C Pro C and the CF Military Police with John Smith retiring as a chief warrant officer (serving as the former Security Branch Career Manager/ Branch CWO), Gerry McConnell went on to become a Master Warrant Officer and the late Lou Espenhain retired in the rank of sergeant, all of whom were highly respected members of the Canadian Provost Corps and the Canadian Forces Military Police.
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