The Final All Provost - Group 1 - Service Police Course
( 16 Aug 67 to 29 Sep 67 )
Gp1 course - 6701.
This Service Police Group 1 course is believed to have been the final "all Provost" class prior to the integration of the Canadian Forces in Feb 1968. Course candidates are from left to right:
front row - Sgt Jock Currie (instructor), Lt Robertson (course officer), LCol AI Luker (Commandant), WOII Al May (Training Company Sgt-Maj) and Sgt Genest (instructor).
Middle row - Ptes Courron, Amos, Gaudet, Murrray Daraou, Giroux, Bob Legare, Turk, Gresswell, Haney, Jim Short, LCpl Mercier and Pte Beaureguard.
Rear row - Ptes Spaven, Jack Welpelhy, Howard, St Thomas, Wells, McAsee, Crocket, Gerry Bilodeau, Sheppard, Bules, Munn and Fraser.
Photo was submitted by former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, Bob Legare, a candidate on the course.
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