The first Service Police Group 4 Course - 1959
( Special Investigators )
First group 4 (Special Investigators) course.
spacer The above photo depicts the elite of the Canadian Provost Corps, those that set the standard for policing within the Canadian Army, all of whom were selected for this first specialist Investigative training as a result of their individual accomplishments in the field. They were indeed the Cream Of The Crop! From left to right are:
  • front row- School Staff - Sgt Ernie Tack,WO2 Claude Brown, Major Ernie Amirault, Col A R Ritchie (Comdt), Major Eric Hills, Capt Jack McManus, Ssgt Ray Harrington and Sgt Jim Scanlon.
  • Second row- WO2 Mars Fortier, Ssgt Nat Smith, Ssgt Tony McAskill,Ssgt Edgar Pitre, Ssgt Ernie Wright, Ssgt Robbie Robertson, Ssgt Buzz Plumme.
  • Third row- Ssgt Bill Brocklebank, WO2 Jack Williams, Sgt Jim Henderson, Ssgt Bill Dzaman, Ssgt Merle Shantz, Sgt Jim Minnick and Ssgt Charlie Douglas.
Photo and names were provided by former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, Ssgt Robbie Robertson who was a student on the course.
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