The First Service Police Group 3 Course - 1955
First group 3 course. Left to right: front row- Ssgt D.E. (Don) Watts, WO2 A.S. May, Captain M.P. Menard and LCol J.J. (Jack)Platt (School Commandant). Second row- WO1 E.J. Gray, Sgt Pitre, WO1 H.L. Rollins, WO2 Jack Williams and WO1 George Cassidy. Third row- Sgt Charlie Douglas (retired WO1), Sgt (retired Capt) Frank Leary, Sgt Whitworth (retired WO2) and Sgt Stewart Back row- Ssgt Robert (Bob) O'Dell, Ssgt Ernie W, Wright, Sgt Halcrow, Sgt Foster and WO2 William (Bill) Terry.
First group 3 course. Left to right: Front row- Lt A.P.Garner-Lehire and Sgt E.L. Martin. Second row-WO1 George Cassidy, Ssgt Al Woods, Ssgt, William (Bill) Wellington and Ssgt Natham (Nat) Smith (retired Captain). Third row- Sgt Baudette, Sgt Walter Gatehouse, Sgt Boisvert and Ssgt Murray Coursey. Back row- WO2 William (Bill) Terry, Ssgt William (Bill) Brockelbank (retired Captain), WO2 Merle Shantz, Sgt Gerry McConnell and WOII (retired Capt) C. Brown.

Thanks to Gerry McConnel for submitting the photo and to AB (Robbie) Robertson for submitting a complete list of the course candidates names. Robbie added that he and Ssgt MacWilliams had attended the course, qualifying as instructors.
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