The Original Provost NDHQ Security Guard Force - 1948
First NDHQ Security Guard Force-1948
This platoon of Canadian Provost Corps personnel underwent training at the Provost Training Center (A-32), Camp Borden in 1948 prior to taking up their duties at National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa. The NDHQ Security Guard Force was accomodated in the old Service Detention Barracks facility during their training. That alone signifies the high degree of fortitude demanded of members of the Canadian Provost Corps.

(l - r) Front row - N. Metzner, Dave Metz, Cpl Merve Jones, Cpl Nixon, WOII Art Bird, Capt T. J. Quirk, Sgt C. Brown, P. Hill, George E. Bannister, Unidentified and Langthorne.

2 nd row - A.I. MacKenzie, A. Calhoun, (unidentified), Douglas, Elwood "Digger"Dooks, (unidentified), C. G. McConnell, Henderson, (unidentified), (unidentified) and Carroll.

3 rd row - WO1 Roland Harrison, (unidentified), (unidentified), (unidentified), Nagy, (unidentified), (unidentified), Thomas, Jolley, (unidentified) and (unidentified), (unidentified).

4 th row - R. J. Smythe, (unidentified), Chouinard, (unidentified), (unidentified), (unidentified), Gil Beer, G.Syme, H. O'Neil, Unidentified and D.D. Bryant.

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(Photo submitted by retired Provost Sgt, Gerry McConnell.)
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