No. 30 Class, C Pro C Training Center, A-32, Camp Borden - 1945
No. 30 C Pro C Class at A-32, Camp Borden - 1945.
The above photograph depicts students of the Canadian Provost Corps No. 30 Class Of Instruction (Advanced Service Police Course) (20 Aug - 15 Sep 1945), at what was then known as A-32, but later evolved as the Canadian Provost Corps School. The attire is interesting to say the least because no such comfort was prevalent in the 50's and sixties. One has to wonder if the Government austerity program implemented following the war had anything to do with the uniforms of the day. Note the 10 wraps of the Puttees on the trainees (WWI style)

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This historic photo was uncovered amongst the personal archives of the late Major Donald A. Tresham, by his daughter, Ms Linda Tresham, who forwarded it to the Web Master for use on this web site. Linda has submitted numerous photos from her Father's collection so they can be enjoyed by his former colleagues and for that, we, the Canadian Provost Corps Virtual Association, is very grateful.
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