C Pro C King's Badge. A Selection Of Significantly Historic Photographs
Of The
Canadian Provost Corps Era
( 1939 - 1966 )
C Pro C Queen's Badge.

CMP Borden - 1916.
CMP Border-1916
M/C Patrol-1944
No. 30 C Pro C Class at A-32, Camp Borden - 1945.
A-32, CTC-1945
No.37 Provost Company, England - 1945.
No.37 Pro Coy-1945
Final All C Pro C Gp1 course - 6701.
SS Gen Kurt Meyer-1946
Shilo 1946.
First NDHQ Security Guard Force-1948
1st NDHQ Guard-1948
Vancouver Provost Det 1950-51.
Vancouver Pro Det-1951
Jnr Offs Crse-51
Recruit, Shilo 1954
First group 3 course-55.
1st SP Gp-3 Crse-1955
4 Provost Platoon Hockey Team, Germany - mid-fifties.
4 Pro Pl Hockey-mid-50s
Provost Foot Patrol
Old Unit Xmas Cards-50-60s.
Unit Xmas Cards-50-60s
First group 4 (Special Investigators) course-59.
1st SP Gp-4 Crse-1959
CMP Uniform-Circa: 1918
Final All C Pro C Gp1 course - 6701.
Final SP Gp-1 Crse-1967
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