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Canadian Provost Corps
Korean War Veterans

spacer The deployment of Canadian troops (25th Canadian Infantry Brigade) in support of the United Nations operations in Korea in 1950 - 1955 encompassed a force of some 150 members of the Canadian Provost Corps who were responsible for the provision of service police duties, criminal investigative services and the operation of a field detention barracks. Members of the C Pro C were subsequently integrated with the Commonwealth Division, a formation of British, Australian and Canadian brigades. In addition; the infantry and armoured regiments of the Canadian brigade had a Provost increment attached to them.

spacer As there is no known official, all encompassing, nominal roll of those members of the C Pro C who served in Korea, several veterans of that campaign set out to develop such a list based on the recollections of active members of the Canadian Provost Corps Virtual Association. In some cases the actual period of an individual's deployment is depicted in brackets. Though fading memories was a factor, as can be expected, the C Pro C Korean Veterans still managed to produce from memory over 50% of the names listed below.

spacer Subsequent research of available resources revealed additional names, however; the list is far from being complete, so, if anyone can add any names, please e-mail the web master at ( ).

Nominal Roll

Maj EJ Amirault (15 Mar 1952- 03 Dec 1952)
Maj AS (Art) Bird
Maj QE Lawson (14 Dec 1952 - 12 Nov 1953)
Maj RI Luker (09 Sep 1951 - 11 Mar 1952)
Maj RA Ritchie (19 Nov 1953 - 27 Nov 1954)
Capt CA Breakey (19 Oct 1951 - 19 Dec 1951
Capt VH Richardson
Capt JC Trelaven
Capt JB MacNeil (15 Apr 1952 - 16 Jul 1952)
Capt DS Patterson (02 Sep 1952 - 07 Apr 1953)
Capt KO Snelgrove (08 Apr 1953 - 18 Aug 1953)
Capt GA Kyle (17 Aug 1953 - 01 Dec 1953)
Capt Harold F. Leary
Lt WH Hardy
Lieut JJ Hooper
2/Lt Jim Honey
2/Lt Turner (02 Dec 1953 - 18 Nov 1954)
WO1 Jim Holland
WO1 Jack MacDonald
WO2 Ray Chambers
WO2 R. Harrison
WO2 Bill Terry
WO2 LJ Wood
Ssgt B.L. Doucette (05 May 1951 to 24 May 1952)
Ssgt JB Nadeau
Sgt George Aubry Sgt Atcheson
Sgt Harvey Bowcott
Sgt WR Brocklebank
Sgt Craig Calhoun
Sgt Joe Carroll - 1 PPCLI Provost Sgt
Sgt WE Chambers
Sgt Walter O Dann
Sgt FJ Desgranges
Sgt George Diebert
Sgt Elmer (Marty) Doerksen (3 PPCLI Pro Sgt) Sgt Digger Dooks
Sgt Blacky Fordecska
Sgt Walter Gutsch
Sgt Bert Hebert
Sgt J. Highes
Sgt (Bill) Larson - (2 PPCLI Provost Sgt)
Sgt JK (Ken) McGleish
Sgt AJ McKenzie
Sgt Phil McLeod
Sgt Mitchell
Sgt Jack Morgan
Sgt Chuck Rawlins
Sgt Risser
Sgt James D Rodger
Sgt Evan Leroy (Spud) Rollins
Sgt George Roper Sgt Shaddock
Sgt John Gavin Smith (1952 - 1953)
Sgt Gilbert Tessier
Sgt Bruce Wallace
Sgt Carl Wens
Sgt K. West
Sgt Jim White
Sgt William (Bill) Woolley
Cpl Al Aubrey
Cpl Robert G Barnes
Cpl Frank Barton
Cpl WP Bradley
Cpl RE Butler
Cpl CB Coombs
Cpl Harry T Coy
Cpl Francis R (Ron) Curry
Cpl W Doherty
Cpl Fenne
Cpl David Gillis
Cpl Ed Grant
Cpl Maurice Leblanc
Cpl René (Rod) Leclerc
Cpl Jacques (John) Lepage
Cpl K MacAuley
Cpl Francis G MacKenzie
Cpl K McGleish
Cpl Melcuski
Cpl Shakey Morrison
Cpl Axel O Nicholson
Cpl DannyO'Donnell
Cpl Robert (Bob) Parker
Cpl Les Peate
Cpl Gus Prieswerk
Cpl William J Ramsay
Cpl GV Randall
Cpl George Cecil Syme (25 FDB 1952 - 1953)
Cpl LC Stockford
Cpl Armand D Theoret
Cpl Ralph Weild
A/Cpl Saulnier
LCpl John B Aitken
LCpl CT Bailey
LCpl Stuart Edward Baker
Cpl D Barber
LCpl Garth Bassett
LCpl David B Bates
LCpl Andy Blake
LCpl John Booker
LCpl L Boudreau
LCpl William (Bill) Boyd
LCpl Ken Broadbridge (PPCLI-1952-1953)
LCpl DW Brown
LCpl G Burt
LCpl Jack Churchward
LCpl John D Clemens
LCpl Walter Conrad
LCpl WR Cornwall
LCpl Demaisonave

LCpl PR Demers
LCpl Dennis Dixon
LCpl John E Dolan
LCpl Leo Dorion
LCpl NG Douglas
LCpl Robert G Douglas
LCpl J Drysdale
LCpl Bob Emery
LCpl Gerry Emon
LCpl Joe Feldcamp
LCpl R Finley
LCpl Gauthier
LCpl Ted Genest
LCpl R. Goldston
LCpl Victor G Gibbons
LCpl Max Goulet
LCpl Bill Graham
LCpl D. Greenall
LCpl Green
LCpl Tom E Grey
LCpl Y. Grondin.
LCpl M Guyitt
LCpl Ray Haight
LCpl Harvey P Hansen (PPCLI-1952-1953)
LCpl John Harder
LCpl WA Hardin
LCpl W Hardie
LCpl Dave Hardy - Attached LDSH Regt.
LCpl Ray Healy
LCpl Harold M (Hoppy) Hopkins
LCpl Nick Hotvedt
LCpl G Hynes
LCpl Jim Ireland
LCpl Jodrie
LCpl Merve Jones
LCpl Peter Keagan
LCpl R Keller
LCpl Ron Kingsley
LCpl Pete Kline
LCpl Marcel (MOM) Labelle
LCpl Ray Labossionar
LCpl Doug D. Larlee
LCpl Ben Larson
LCpl Gabriel J (Jack) Lemay
LCpl Gary Lepage
LCpl John Lewis
LCpl Bob Long
LCpl Dave MacDonald
LCpl Bev K Maxwell
LCpl Francis J McDonald
LCpl Deaf McKenzie
LCpl Ron McKay
LCpl Mair
LCpl George Malofe
LCpl Gordon Marcus
LCpl Ray Martin
LCpl Mathieu
LCpl Robert E Mills
LCpl S Moodie
LCpl Jim Morgan
LCpl Regent W Morin
Lcpl René Nadon
LCpl Robert (Bob) Nash
LCpl R Nicholls
LCpl JE Nobes
LCpl Perras
LCpl Piorier
LCpl Ray Popplestone
LCpl Fredick (Fred) Purkis
LCpl RN Rail
LCpl Bob Randall
LCpl Albert Richardson
LCpl Jerry Ritza
LCpl Paul Roach
LCpl Don Robertson
LCpl Harold Robertson
LCpl Jack Robertson
LCPL RN Rolston
LCpl Donald C Rushnell
LCpl Donald J (Don) Russell
LCpl Joseph W Shea
LCpl Frank Smith
LCpl Richard K (Rick) Staddon
LCpl K Steele
LCpl Ernie Tack
LCpl (Big Red) Tait
LCpl Lorn Taylor
LCpl George Thompson
LCpl Toomey
LCpl C Warnke
LCpl Robert Harry (Bob) Wilson
LCpl George Wolonski
LCpl W Vaness
Pte L Aulph
Pte S Boisvert
Pte G Boomer
Pte A Campbell
Pte J. Drysdale
Pte R Fertile
Pte J Gallant
Pte H. Gillispie
Pte Robert F Jackson
Pte R Keller
Pte Doug Larlee
Pte E Nixon
Pte W Parks
Pte W Wilson
Pte Valleire

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