Provost Recruits Learn Traffic Control Techniques
Photo of Provost recruits marching.
spacer In the above 1955 vintage photo, former instructor with the Canadian Provost Corps School in Shilo, Manitoba, Corporal JL (Leo) Doiron, right, is shown marching a squad of Provost recruits back to the unit lines following an afternoon of practical traffic control training in the Camp lines.

spacer What is significant about this particular photo is that the recruits are all wearing Army issue traffic control cuffs that look like they were made out of re-cycled white bed sheets. We sure have come a long way since then.

spacer The recruit, third from the left in the ranks is identified, as Pte Partridge. Click here to email the
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if you can identify anyone in the photo.

spacer Photo was submitted by former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, Tony L'Orsa of BC.
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