Canadian Provost Corps
Military Police Badges
Image of a proposed Provost police badge. Image of a subsequent Provost police badge.
spacer. Both of the military badges shown above were developed for use by the Montreal Provost Detachment in early fifties. The badge on the left is a military police "Sergeant's" badge, sirca-1952. It was subsequently acquired for the, then, pricely sum of 5 dollars (cdn) by former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, retired Chief Warrant Officer (Big "G") George W. Elliott, a well known collector of militaria. Anyone wishing to contact George about his vast collection can email him at: .

spacer. The badge on the right was issued to former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, Sgt Vic Lesyshen while he was posted to Montreal in 1953. Photo was submitted by former member of the C Pro C, Otto Boyko.

spacer. As far as it is known, neither of the badges were ever officially approved for issue, however; that is not to say that they were never worn. Anyone who can shed more light on the two badges in question can email the webmaster at:

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