Provost In Korea
Former member of C Pro C serving in Korea in 1951/52, Major Amirault . Photo of three unidentified former members of the C Pro C who served in Korea in 1951/52.
The two photos shown immediately above were submitted by Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Colin Davey of England who served in Korea during the period 1951 to 1953 as a Royal Military Police Officer with the United Nations Commonwealth Military Police Company. Former members of the Canadian Provost Corps depicted above served with then, Lieutenant Colin Davey, in Korea during his 18 month deployment in the war zone. Shown in the photo on the left is none other then the late Major Ernest Amirault (right) of the Canadian Provost Corps

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Member of C Pro C, Axel Nickolson, left and colleagues of the UN Commonwealth Forces in Korea-1953/54. Photo of member of C Pro C, Axel Nickolson in Korea-1953/54.
In the photo on the left, LCpl Axel Nickolson (left) is shown with two unidentified Commonwealth Military Police buddies (a Canadian and a member of the British Royal Military Police) in Korea in 1953/54 from the HQ of 25 Canadian Provost Company. The photo was taken at the East end of Pin Tail Bridge which spanned the Imjim River in South Korea. Sadly; Axel passed away on 24 February 1996. Anyone who can identify the unidentified member of the C Pro C sitting next to LCpl Nickolson in the above photo can click here to contact the Web Master ( ).

In the photo on the right, LCpl Nickolson is shown standing near one of their Unit's 3/4 Ton standard military pattern (SMP) vehicles while in Korea.

Web Master`s Comment:
Anyone who served in the Canadian Provost Corps and was engaged in international operations can appreciate the many hours of painstaking work in keeping the white webbing, trades badges and the chevrons white, (utilizing toothpicks and white blanco) when so deployed. Memories! Aren't they awesome!

Photo was submitted by Mr Alan Nickolson, son of the late LCpl Axel Nickolson.

Photo of member of C Pro C interrogating a POW during the Korean War - circa: 1953.
This photo depicts an unidentified member of the Canadian Provost Corps (on the left) being assisted by a South Korean interpreter in interrogating a POW in South Korea in 1952. POW's face was partially covered herein to protect his identity.

Photo is compliments of the personal collection of the late MWO Frank Weir and was submitted by his son, David, a Sgt with the Canadian Forces.

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