Provost During World War Two

Provost Manning A TP During WWII
Photo of a member of the C ProC on a Traffic Post (TP) near the front during WWII,

The above photo depicts LCpl W.H. Harris, a member of the Canadian Provost Corps manning a Traffic Post (TP) during WWII. (Photo was submitted by former member of the C Pro C, CWO (retired) Jules Knyuver. (Web Master's note: Our thanks to Captain TM Utton of the NIS, NDHQ for identifying the person manning the TP)

Provost On Mounted Patrol
Photo of a members of the C ProC on a Mounted Patrol in Holland in 1945.
43 Provost Company, (C Pro C)
Regina, Saskatchewan - 1943

Photo of 43 Provost Company, (C Pro C) - 1943, Part - 1.
This photo, shown in two parts, to retain detail, was taken in Regina, Sask. in May 1943. This unit was originally No. 22 Provost Company but was re designated No.43.

A rarity in acquiring such historic photos of that era is for it to also include the names of all it's members shown therein, as is in this case and they are as follows: (left to right)
Part-1: Front Row - LCpl WD Thomsom, A/Cpl JW Halko, Sgt HC Coolidge, A/Cpl (CQMS) A. Wilkie, A/Sgt FJ Griffin, A/Cpl EC Forster, Capt J. Eremko and Maj ET Scott. (Front and center is the unit Mascot, Bud
Center row - LCpl WF Hughes, LCpl HD Erb, LCpl JM Barrie, LCpl GE Mallett, LCpl H Wasel, LCpl WF Stender, LCpl P Starzynski, and LCpl DL Thomas.
Rear row - LCpl M Koski, LCpl TJ Gregorash, Pte CJ Wagner, LCpl F Dachis, Pte ML Brotzell, LCpl W Dobson, LCpl AF Gasser, and LCpl A Anderson.

Photo of 43 Provost Company, (C Pro C) - 1943, Part - 2.
Part-2: Front Row - Lt AT Lenaghan, CSM (WOII) F Otway, A/Sgt MJ Horner, A/Sgt RB Moffatt, A/Sgt WG Ewart, Sgt HC Burmeister and A/Sgt SJ Rennie.
Center row - Pte AH Delpart, LCpl LR Mitchell, Pte GE Charette, Pte WJ Walters, LCpl SJ Panchuk, Pte HS Stewart and Pte AT Lowenberg.
Rear row - LCpl C Powers, LCpl ML Wright, LCpl FR Greenwood, Pte B Middlekamp, A/Cpl A Lavallee and LCpl SL Russell.

Note: With the exception of the officers and the two WAC members, the ranks are wearing the old Canadian Military Police (CMP) pre- WWII uniforms.
Photo was submitted by Ms Linda Tresham, daughter of former member of the Canadian Provost Corps, the late Major Don Tresham.

WWII Refugees Returning Home - 1945
Photo depicts refugees in Belgium returning home in 1945.

In the above Canadian Army official photo Belgium refugees are shown being assisted by Canadian troops while crossing the Albert Canal Bridge en route home as the Nazi forces were being driven out by the allied forces. Member of the Canadian Provost Corps in the center is unidentified. (Photo submitted by Ms Linda Tresham, daughter of the late Don Tresham, a former member of the C Pro C.)

A Provost's Lot Is Not A Happy One
Photo of LCpl Bill Cooksey, C Pro C during WWII.
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